Top Ten Total Drama Characters That Will Most Likely Win Total Drama Season 7

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21 Duncan

He should win and buy Courtney an engagement ring.

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22 Izzy

Yeah. Izzy is awesome! She should win!

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23 Sierra

Sierra always gets far, she needs to win the million dollars and marry Cody already!

24 Spud

Spud should win season 7. He's an underrated character who needs a bigger role in the show, with a bigger chance too shine.

Spud seems like one of those character's that's going to surprise everybody and make it far.

I can see Spud winning and rocking his way to the top.

Spud deserves to win, he hasn't really accomplished anything in life and lives in a basement.

25 Justin

He's going to come back more good looking than ever. I'd like to see him and Courtney start a relationship, it was cute how he planned on dating her in Princess Pride. It showed he liked someone other than himself!

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26 Harold

Harold has been picked on and tortured the most, and was close to winning in TDA. I think he needs another shot, he's a really cool dude that received too much bullying from the other contestants. I wish they would lay off him a little bit. I'm team Harold, I'd like to see him step
Up and win.

27 Sky

Sky was close to winning and made it to the final 2, so she should come back. I would like her to win.

28 Ella
29 Miles
30 Katie
31 Sanders
32 Stephanie
33 Mike

As we know Mike made it to the final 2 and lost well sorta? To Zoey I think Mike should go up against Brick and Eziekiel

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