Top Ten Total Drama Contestants Who Could Be a Future Antagonist


The Top Ten

1 Eva

Temper everyone hates her she has everything - Shartfart

2 Amy
3 Duncan

We'll he was on the villains team so yeah - Shartfart

4 Commando Zoey

We'll lets see she already almost killed Scott and chef and almost abandoned Cameron - Shartfart

It would be awesome/scary if commando Zoey and male became boyfriend and girlfriend

5 Enuai

Is that what that goths name was uh the goths in the ridonculas race I feel that they're gonna be the antagonists of that season I don't know why - Shartfart

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6 Scarlette

We'll this is obvious - Shartfart

7 Dakota

We'll now thy Dakotas a mutant she can mess some stuff up - Shartfart

8 Topher

We'll he likes Chris and Chris hates everyone so topher would hate everyone - Shartfart

9 Izzy

Guy who likes explosives is probably evil - Shartfart

10 Jo

The Contenders

11 Sky
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