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1 Courtney and Duncan

This couple is just perfect. They're polor opposites and they complete each. I love how Duncan brings out the bad in Courtney and Duncan try's to be good for Courtney. It's the classic story of the princess and peasant put in modern times. The peasant boy loves the princess. She won't admit that she likes him. They fall in love. The king (Chris) tells her age can't be with him. It's just the perfect story of heartbreak. And I hate Gwen and Duncan together.

It's a relatable and "real" relationship: they bring out the best and worst in each other, challenge each other, push each other to their limits, and excite each other in a away no one else does, which is why they will always come back to each other. Even though their characters have been ruined after Total Drama Island, these two are my favorite characters AND couple. Duncney forever!

I didn't like it when Courtney was a super control freak in Total Drama Action but like they are the total opposite of each other and that's what makes their relationship so unique and awesome!

I think there the best because they really suit each other. They are amazing and will always have something for each other inside

2 Gwen and Trent

I love gwen and trent together! He tried so hard to get her back and when me and my cousins watched and cracked up because he was so desperate! It was hilarious! Also, gwen is my favorite girl character, and trent is my favorite guy character.

I love Gwen and Trent. The popular guy and the goth girl. So sweet! =D

Gwen and Trent are perfect together and Gwen is my favorite character she's the BEST but heather is the reason for their break up in my opinion if she didn't start messing with them then Trent wouldn't get so obsessed by the way I just love how 3 character's have a crush on Gwen that's just how AWESOME she is.

I love them and they are sooooo cute together. They make the cutest couple ever

3 Mike and Zoey

this is not the only one that is my favorite this is the best one I mean did you hear what Zoey said about oddballs about how she loved them. that's so sweet! I wish that my crush Kris would understand like Zoey and me not being shy and hiding secrets like mike liking zoey

Love this couple. Honestly, it's my favorite one. I'm not sure if I like any other couples.

Courtney x Duncan: Meh. It was okay, but not when she wanted to change so many things about him. Although that was funny to watch, I prefer Scott.

Leshawna x Harold: I love Leshawna, but don't really like Harold much. So put this under meh category.

Bridgette x Geoff: Actually, this would be my third favorite couple. This is, along with Zoey x Mike, one of my favorites. Mainly because it's clean and refreshing to watch.

Scott x Courtney: Meh. I never really liked Dave.

Dave x Sky: Meh.

Izzy x Owen: I slightly like it better than 'meh'.

Duncan x Gwen: Used to be my favorite, but it's probably at 4th now. And that's obviously not that impressive. Only the first 3 are.

Trent x Gwen: I don't know about this one. The most original of all, this one was the first mentioned. I really should just put it as 5th.

Cameron x Gwen: My second ...more

I loved this couple since episode 1!

Awwwww, these two are so cute together! Why do people not like them? (I've heard people's arguments, I just don't understand them.) I think they're perfect for eachother.

4 Alejandro and Heather

The two best main antagonists from the show. Also, the only ones that can make eachother want to be better people. That's really cute.

They were competitive in their worst of ways but it was very funny

Who doesn't love this pairing? Well, some people, but this pairing needs to be higher! All-Stars rocks for getting them officially dating. They are absolutely perfect for each other and I could imagine that they'd actually be able to cancel out some of the traits they hate about each other when trying to work with each other - like Alejandro might actually stop flirting with pretty much anything female (I've seen him flirting with animals to survive on Boney Island! ) and Heather might start learning to open up a bit more and show that she has a heart underneath her ice queen exterior.

This couple was great when it started in World Tour. It defrosted Heather's heart and gave Alejandro more depth. Evil love!

5 Lindsay and Tyler

Lindsay was always forgetting Tyler's name, so when she finally remembered, I was so happy. I think they're one of those couples that could last.

Only couple without conflicts!

An actual couple that had no faults in it.

I love this couple they are so cute together. The whole princess and jock thing is so cute. Isn't such the typical romance thing.

6 Izzy and Owen

There relationship was amazing. They were to oddballs that found love in each other. They were the only ones who truly understood each other. He loved her despite all her craziness and she loved him despite his gross antics and large physique. The writers brought me to tears when they broke up. She was lifted off by the military and he reached out to her as she left him. Owens song, "Oh My, Izzy," expressed his sorrow so beautifully, because he lost the girl of his dreams. The should make season 8 into, Total Drama Ultimate All Stars, where Owen and Izzy return and rekindle their relationship. Then, in the series finally Owen wins the one million dollars after being convinced to give up the prize money from the first season. After winning he should celebrate by proposing to Izzy.

They were great to watch! The one reason I love Owen and Izzy and don't like "Nizzy" that much is because all the interactions Noah and Izzy have could easily still happen between them as friend. WIth Owen and Izzy, they just share a sweet, crazy relationship like no other

When Izzy first appeared on screen, I thought to myself, she's a lot like Owen. And then before they made out, all I could think in my head was, they're perfect for eachother

The two best people e on the show

7 Bridgette and Geoff

I think these two are right for eachother. There's a reason they're the only couple from TDI that's still together.

They just snogged each others faces off and also they were very connected but they had a few hiccups a long the way

They are the only couple that works out their problems and doesn't break-up permanently.

The love each other and have a good conflict in total Drama action aftermath

8 Duncan and Gwen

Worst pairing ever! I mean let us count the wrongs they have done. Gwen kissed Duncan ( Courtney's, her best friend, boyfriend ), when they were dating. So not cool! Then she had the guts to LIE and say they weren't dating, heard about denial much? In season 2, when asked about her relanshanship with Duncan she said, and I quote " Duncan? Oh please, he's like my brother. Way too immature for my tastes anyway. " They are also complete opposites in the worst possible way. Gwen: serious, dark, not into playing pranks on innocent, nice (? ), and loves sentimental gifts. Duncan: juvenile, immature stunts are his forte, only gives gifts to Courtney ( carved skull, remember? ). See oppisites in the worst way. Gwen is just " lip candy " to Duncan. Duncan loves Courtney. Gwen is awful. She'll be my favorite character when all the rest DROP DEAD. D-E-A-D!

Duncan and Gwen would be cute, but he's so much better for Courtney. She loosens up and shows a dark side of her to Duncan and it's so cute! I despise this couple because first off, Duncan and Gwen don't have a cute ship name. Second, he cheated on Courtney! that is just wrong on so many levels, nobody deserves to feel that kind of pain! Courtney has every right to be mad, and to people that don't like her, think of this. Would you be mad if your friend goes behind your back and kisses your boyfriend? no! I don't care about what people say about Courtney and Duncan, they're a cute couple and that's it

Duncan and Gwen are the best Total Drama couple, and I hope they get back together as long as Duncan can man up and apologize to Courtney, and just honestly tell her he didn't have feeling for her anymore. Yes, Duncan and Gwen got together by cheating, yes, they made a mistake. That is what makes them real though. You see, in real life, couples make mistakes and people make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, and Duncan and Gwen both show that something good can come from something bad, as well as people make mistakes but can change and become better people. I understand Courtney fans being mad at Duncan for cheating on her, and I also understand Gwen fans for saying Duncan didn't have feelings for Courtney anymore. I prefer Duncan and Gwen as a couple, but I also wish Duncan would man up and apologize to Courtney, and they can at least be civil if not friends.

Duncan was the one who kissed Gwen also they had a lot of hiccups but in my opinion they were a good couple

9 Sierra and Cody

Sierra's obsessed with Cody, and I know that somewhere deep down, Cody really does care about her. It's really cute. I wish Cody would like Sierra back though. But maybe after some time, he will.

Um it doesn't count as a couple if Cody doesn't like Sierra back

The ultimate couple. Come on Cody! Love her back!

They're both obsessive in love, and have a whole lot of love to give. If Cody loves Sierra back, they'll be a power couple the likes of which have only been seen by Bridgette and Geoff! I give them 2 years, maximum, of dating before Cody pulls the ring. After Cody warms up to Sierra, it becomes the cutest couple on the show. (Perhaps Sierra's knowledge of the game and Cody's plain smarts could bring them back as a power couple but also the most powerful manipulators in the game? )

I don't know if he loves her back or not, but he appreciates her for sure.

10 Dave and Sky

They are so perfect for each other, even if in the end it did not work out so well. They make the best couple.

I like this couple but I think its too bland. Jasmine and Shawn is better.

This was the best couple of tdpi even if it didn't end to well there will be a 7th season and these 2 will be in it. There like mike and zoey

I think Dave can do much better then terrible Sky! I don't really have a reason to hate her it's just that I find her annoying just like Zoey

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11 Harold and Leshawna

ANOTHER PERFECT MIX! A shy little stick mixed with a confident luscious person.

Harold and Leshawna are the most unlikely couple ever but that didn't stop them for being together

I love this relationship!
Eventually,stupid world tour
just had to ruin all!
Call me crazy,but I think that
the next harold relationship should
be harold and kitty

The thing so love about these two is they are the most unlikely couple ever. God, even Beth and Justin is more likely. They are very strange. Scrawny white nerd and tough and lively black chick? Sign me up! Not to mention that Leshawna loves Harold and always tries to defend him from Duncan. I also find it funny that Leshawna is usually the one to do the saving

12 Dakota and Sam

Best ship she finally admitted her love for him once she saved him after her transformation

Come ON! This is one of my favorite couples ever! They're so cute, and I liked Sam's elimination, not that I don't like Sam. It's just that it was one of the first times we saw Dakota liking Sam. It was rushed, but I feel like they should be more popular.

This couple is so perfect! They are so blindly in love with eachother, and even before Dakota was mutated, it was the most unlikely couple ever. She's a blonde girl who loves attention and he's an unattractive gamer who doesn't do much but.. Well.. Play games! I honestly expected Dakota to make fun of Sam and put him down, but she literally apologized to him because she couldn't think of a compliment to give him. They are such a fantastic couple. Plus, when Dakota becomes a giant mutant monster, he STILL loves her

Amazing not just 2 hot people like let’s do this like the other half the relationship in total drama and other shows

13 Shawn and Jasmine

I love these two, and if they can stay together, despite being on separate teams, that just proves they can last.

Awesome ship great for one another tall intimidating girl survivalist and zombie obsessed weirdo who is also a survivalist

Seriously? This is one of my favorite couple on Total Drama ever! This needs to be higher.

"Shawsmine" hated each other for a while until Shawn sacrificed his easy win for her.

14 Noah and Emma

I love them. I thought it was really cute when Noah was crushing on Emma, and was all happy and nice because of it.

Should be higher. It’s realistic and they have a lot in common. Also, they had made each other better people. They both became nicer and a bit more carefree after falling in love with each other. Noah found someone he actually genuinely care for, and Emma managed to be less paranoid about the future and other people.

Noah and Emmma is my all time favorite! Noah is my favorite because of his style and personality! But seeing him fall in love catches everyone who thought he was just a critical sarcastic donkey (aka jackass) attention that he could ever fall in love with a big hip girl like Emma! They're so alike in anyway! And seeing them kiss was shocking! I like this ship so much!

This couple is so cute! Noah is one of my favourite characters so I was excited when he fell in love

15 Scott and Courtney

They were a good couple despite the fact that Scott was just a gross human being they made a cute couple also to the fact that they were both on the same team in season 5 and they are both quite evil in their own way

This is just my opinion so I'm sorry if you have a different one, but I personally hate Scott as a character. He's just one of those bad guys that they have go far in every season. And with his personality, sure he can be funny sometimes, but he was also the reason most of my actual favorite characters of TDROTI lost, and he was just there to be evil and manipulative. With this already set, it really didn't make sense to put him with Courtney. It seemed as if his character was totally rewritten just to be with Courtney, and I honestly don't even understand what Courtney saw in him.

She even watched him eat dirt. SEVERAL TIMES. Remember when she made an entire list of little things for Duncan to improve?

When I first saw them together I honestly thought it was just a joke, or something to make Duncan jealous, so it didn't make sense to me that they lasted so long.

I ADORE this couple to bits and pieces, and I'd personally prefer these two being together over her and Duncan any day of the week... However, despite this, I wasn't too happy with some of the decisions that the writers' had made:

Firstly, they made Scott a complete idiot and Courtney's own personal "doormat", which I was not Ok with at all... Because Scott wasn't a pushover at all in season four, and to make things even more conflicting, it was pretty clear as day in his debut season that he thoroughly enjoyed bossing people around, (heck, it even said he wanted to be a CEO on his official character profile), and yet here in All-Stars, he states that he enjoys taking orders from people... I'm sorry, but you're either one, or the other! YOU CAN'T BE BOTH! See how things kind of contradict themselves here? I rest my case.

Don't get me wrong, though... There were some actual things that I liked about Scott in AS, like his sense of humor, for one thing, (although, ...more

They are so cute together scourtney forever! Courtney + scott =

16 Carrie and Devin

This couple is first for me.

Carrie and Devin were always friends since them childhood, Carrie always loved Devin and after a lot of years they are finally engaged.

This pair gives you the emotions that no other can give.

Best friend turned lovers is there a better love story also she’s hot he's handsome

They should have came as boyfriend/girlfriend, not best friends

Best friends sound pathetic, I prefer they still being a pairing.

17 Izzy and Noah

Only couple I dislike in top ten.

Shouldn't this be in the fanon couples list?

These are my two favorite characters and they (would) balance each other out if they ever got together! I wish they would become a couple or at least have more air-time.

Opposites attract. They two are good friends and have lots of sences together. They would make a great couple

18 Crimson and Ennui

Both AWESOME TOGETHER! They both have a tiny soft side for bunnies

Together for THREE years people, this is the most stable Total Drama couple ever.

My actual, but favorite couple!

they were made to be together

19 Cody and Gwen

Love Gwen, but I'm not sure it's possible. Cody has more of a crush than love her.

Holy crap, why is this so low?

I love this couple in fact I would be a total drama fan forever because of the couple why is this so low?

These two are more like siblings

20 Ella and Dave

I absolutely love this couple! Dave and Sky together? That's messed up. Dave has a better girl who is interested in him to love back. Dave, it's messed up to be with Sky! You got to love Ella back!

I know I said that Dave could do better than annoying Sky but I don't think Ella is much of an improvement. Unlike Sky I have a reason to hate Ella... SHE NEVER STOPS SINGING AND EVEN WHEN SHE DOES SHE DOESN'T STOP TALKING!

I like Ella, but every time she sings, I just want cover my ears. When she sings, I'm just like. NOO! - listotaku17

Ella is definitely quirky by comparison, and I see her as the type of person who could get Dave to break his routine and learn to appreciate the strange beauty of the world around him. I don't think he could do that with Sky because, like him, she's too normal. I really think Dave needs Ella.

I like the couple

21 Beth and Brady

Of course. They are perfect for each other

Best couple ever lol

It was surreal!


22 Tom and Jen

They are so cute together! I love them so much! They need to return

I would love to see them kiss!

Why did they get eliminated so early?!

They are awesome fashion bloggers! My favorite pair in Ridonculous Race! Who else wants them back in the next season!?!?!

23 Brick and Jo

Here's a little story, when I was first watching TDROTI, I was shipping Zoke, but with Jock, I was practically begging them to get together. I always thought it was really cute how they would be competing, then Brick gets into some sort of danger, then Jo saves him. I really wish these two got together in the show, but I would be pretty sad if they ever broke up.

I think Brick and Jo are adorable. I love the little rivalry they have. And their ship name is Jock?! Is that not a sign?

Brick and Jo are so cute together. They seem like the perfect pair and I wish they explored their relationship more in the show.

They should totally become a thing

24 Noah and Cody

That was an accident give noah a break

This is not a couple people and they actually talked ones on the show

If so many people hate this ( me too), why is it so high up?!?!?!

Stop pushing this. It was an accident and not really that great. I prefer Cody with Sierra (or even with Dawn or something) and Noah with Emma. I’m not anti-LGBTQ with everything, just don’t think this one works out

25 Mal and Commando Zoey

Evil nuisance meet badass who I wish when zoey was turned commando ripped off more clothes zoeys hottest and sexiest and tat ass whoo we but if it wasn’t a teen program she would rip more off

Zoey is pretty


Both hot and feisty love to read there sex fanfiction

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