Courtney and Duncan


I've only watched Total Drama Island and I'm getting to Total Drama Revenge of the Island but I have to say from what I've seen top characters, Duncan and Gwen but they shouldn't be together in any way except friends. But Courtney and Duncan is just the bomb!

At first I thought Courtney and Duncan were alright together, but then Courtney wanted to change EVERYTHING about about Duncan, so that wasn't fair to Duncan. Also I know he in a way cheated on Courtney with Gwen, but that just means he wasn't very happy with Courtney, but I also think he should have broken up with Courtney or something. Something else in TDI they hated each other or said rude comments about each other than kiss so it thought that was very weird. So I don't think they were perfect together.

I think the only faults with this couple was how badly the writers wrote courtney and duncan after season 1. They had great chemistry and were genuinely interested in each other, but for the sake of drama the two seemed to completely change out of no where. It was a bit cliche but easily the most engaging couple. Even still, you could see after all that terrible character reduction the two were still vying for each other's attention somehow.

I totally think that Duncan and Courtney are made for each other! In my opinion, Gwen and Trent are made for each other, but I don't think that Gwen is made for Duncan. DxC forever!

I honestly do not like Courtney, at all, but I've loved this couple ever since! It's a classic and cliche couple, but who wouldn't love it? Bossy uptight girl falls in love with a bad delinquent, it's great! I actually kind of miss it and I was extremely sad when their relationship spiraled out of control. Hopefully, Fresh puts them back together, but I doubt it :/

Duncan and Courtney are, obviously, the only good couple on this show. Just kidding. But they are my favorite. Opposites attract, you know? And for some reason, I love their whole "love/hate" attitude. It makes things so interesting. Oh, and I despise Gwen and Duncan as a couple. I like Gwen, but not with Duncan.

Courtney And Duncan are the cutest most adorable couple ever! It's so cute when they're doing the paintball challenge and their antlers get stuck together. Aww! I also love how Courtney brings out Duncan's soft side, and how she loosens up a little when she's with him. They balance each other out perfectly. The preppy princess and the Punk all the way! I hope they realize how much they love and miss each other, and get back together for good! Duncan has been a douchebag lately. I miss the bad boy with the soft side! Now he's really mean and cruel. He's the one that cheated on Courtney, and she's the one that gets crapped on. I hope the writers fix that. It's an issue with a lot of the duncney fans, which are the most post couple in total drama.

Courtney is a goody two shoes know it all, and Duncan is a bad boy, but they make it work. Courtney brings out the good in Duncan and it is so cute he tries to be nice for her, and Duncan brings out the bad in Courtney, they really complete each other. - ToptenPizza

Courtney and Duncan are perfect for each other. I love how Courtney try's to hide her love. Gwen and Duncan are not great they should just be friends. Courtney and Duncan show a lot of love in Total Drama Island.

Best Couple Ever! I HATE Duncan and Gwen together. I SO wish Duncan and Courtney would get back together!

About Gwen and Duncan.. It's the worst couple I've EVER seen! Courtney and Gwen can be friends, but if Gwen does another thing with Duncan... I hope Courtney beats her up. Take back your man Courtney!

Duncan and Courtney were made for each other! Courtney can be annoying sometimes, but from season one it was clear that she wanted him! I have 20 or pics of them, as well as 50 more of everyone else. By the way I'm using my moms phone to post this

Loved this couple! Seeing Courtney become more rebellious because of Duncan was ADORABLE! She was so innocent! Cutest couple ever!

I've Only Seen Season 1-2 and parts of others, but Duncan and Courtney is better than Gwen and Duncan. They are complete opposites that bring the other side out on the other. Its cute, I would help the producers change this.

They shouldn't be with anybody else but each other... Courtney has no idea how much Duncan loves her even after divan and Gwen kissed he still cares about her.

Yes! Courtney is my favorite character, Duncan is probably about my 5th favorite, and I even if I KIND of like them, I still would have loved this! Gwen and Duncan SUCK as a couple an they both act like complete IDIOTS when they are together, But Duncan and courtney is aweosme

Season 7:gwen steals Scott when Duncan and Courtney FINALLY get back - coolguy101

I don't know why but I ship this couple when I don't even like Duncan! Haha, Courtney is amazing, she doesn't deserves Duncan, Duncan deserves her

Courtney and Duncan are great through all the seasons I kept hoping they would get back together love love love

Courtney and Duncan are actually kind of alike and they are always together awww!

There are the best couples ever. If I was courtney I would be in love with duncan

People say Duncan and Gwen have the most similarities and thus that makes them seem so perfect for each other, but I disagree. You see when Duncan and Courtney were together you saw these very personal sides of their image you'd thought they could never even act like that at all in public. But when their around each other it's completely different. They bring out the best and the worst in each other, that is what I call an OTP. Forever and always will be in love with Duncney!

I do not think courtney and scott should get together

I am not sure if Duncan and Courtney are the best couple a crazy girl and a bad boy just think about it.

Courtney and duncan are perfect I think courtney makes the bad boy good and make the good girl bad