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181 Geoff and MacArthur

I like Geoff with MacArthur a lot better than Brody win MacArthur. I feel like Brody should be with Sanders, they are more alike.

182 Staci and Lightning
183 Brick and Anne Maria
184 Chris and Topher

To be honest, please nobody hate me for this, but, I kinda want to see this happen. - Catacorn

185 Amy and Staci

Any is rude and staci talks to much

186 Ella and Brick
187 Noah and Gwen

Awesome favourite 2 characters

188 Rodney and Heather V 1 Comment
189 Ezekiel and Anne Maria

Maybe, I guess. After Ezekiel turns normal again

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190 Duncan and Heather

They would make an awesome couple, two bad delinquents who each have their own evil way to spice up the game

She's already with Al

No! Heather with Al! - ScottEuclid

Heather deserves and wants alejandro lik a man in th sahra longs for water and vice versa

V 5 Comments
191 Dawn and Mike

Totally epic. Dawn would understand him and his disorder

Yes! This couple is perfect! Dawn would show Mike that it is OK to fail (Mike has to be perfect for Zoe) and they would perfectly compliment each other! My otp

V 4 Comments
192 Chris and Chef


193 Chris and Courtney
194 Eva and Courtney
195 Staci and Izzy
196 Sierra and Duncan
197 Beardo and Dawn
198 Heather and Trent

But Heather kissed Trent and he fell for it.

They're not even a couple

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