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21 Beth and Brady

Of course. They are perfect for each other

22 Dawn and Cameron

This could be really adorable. I hope they make this couple canon.

I truly love this pairing and I wished they were Canon. They fit perfectly together

Best Total Drama pairing ever! Much better than Dawn and Scott.

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23 Shawn and Jasmine

Seriously? This is one of my favorite couple on Total Drama ever! This needs to be higher.

I will forever ship this couple! They are too cute! Jasmine and Shawn are perfect for each other, wouldn't mind seeing more of them!

They are SO cute, they even kiss in episode 10!

I love this couple. My most favorite' out of all.

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24 Blaineley and Chris

THEY are not together! If they ware they did not last it

I agree that they should get married they are both drama seeking and evil. The only diffrent thing between them is Blaineley was on total drama aftermath and chris was on total drama way more than she has.

They would be so cute together. - Scaranna

I love it

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25 Tom and Jen

They are so cute together! I love them so much! They need to return

I would love to see them kiss!

They are awesome fashion bloggers! My favorite pair in Ridonculous Race! Who else wants them back in the next season!?!?!

26 Cody and Sierra

This is my third favourite couple. Come on Cody try to be more lovey to Sierra

No way are they a cute couple sierra is toally nuts, if sierra was gay she would be perfect for izzy.

27 Ella and Dave

I know I said that Dave could do better than annoying Sky but I don't think Ella is much of an improvement. Unlike Sky I have a reason to hate Ella... SHE NEVER STOPS SINGING AND EVEN WHEN SHE DOES SHE DOESN'T STOP TALKING!

Yes, Dave and Ella just beautiful together!

How is this higher than Dave and sky we all know that's a couple we are rooting for

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28 Mal and Commando Zoey V 2 Comments
29 Samey and Shawn

Whoever comes up with these are deluded. - naFrovivuS

I created a shipping name for them! Shamey

Maybe shawn and samey are a good couple but they were on diffrent teams, they are also diffrent. Shawn is a total talented person and samey is scared of her own sister

(In zombie apocolypse)
Samey: Care for a human sacrifice?
Shawn: NOT ME!
(Samey shoves Amy into a horde of zombies)
Shawn: Thanks! I hated Amy too!
Samey: You are so sweet. Too bad Jasmines a zombie.
You deserved her.
(Shawn kisses Samey)

30 Trent and Ella

Perfect couple. They're both into music and stuff

Yes... I hope they will be in the 6th season... - ScottEuclid

Trent and ella are perfect for each other they are crazy when it comes to muisc. No doubt to ella

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31 Noah and Katie

I love notice if they got together I would squeill sorry I don't know how to spell but any ways I mean they parked the princess with the juvenile deli quit, the goth with the music man, the Huber fan with the tech geek so why can't they pair the cynical nerd with the sweetheart I just love this couple and I really would love it ten times as more if they paired Noah and katie

They could be a good couple. They're really adorable friends.

This is only a devian art couple but I wish it was real

I vote Noah and Katie! This would be the cutest couple in Total Drama history! Please Tom McGillis, let this happen!

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32 Dawn and Scott

I think Dawn and Scott would be more of a brother and sister relationship, in my opinion.

I just like the idea of the two being together. It sounds like it would be really cute.

My 4th fave couple!

Ohh, this is my best adorable couple ever in T droit!

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33 Manitoba and Svetlana

Those two? Haha we are trapped in a mind. Where would they even go? They live in the same body. What would they do? No wonder this is so low.

Manitoba and svetlana are the same person if they belong together that would be wrong

Best fan couple ever. My favourite couple is gwen x trent though

34 Cameron and Gwen V 1 Comment
35 Brick and Dakota V 1 Comment
36 Dawn and B

Dawn is really the only one who understands B

B is awesome and my sister loves dawn so they have to be a couple

HOW IS THIS SO LOW? It's not my OTP or anything, but seriously. What is with everyone liking Dott? Bawn would work out so much better.

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37 Courtney and Trent

This is way better than gwen and trent and duncan and courtney. THINK ABOUT IT PEOPLE!

Should have been together from the start

They are perf 4 each other... I don't think it can get better. Ducan x courtney was sweet but I always felt trent x courtney is adorable... and if gwen gets ducan Courtney should have gotten together with trent. And scott and courtney was also kinda good But that relationship didn't last as long. AS you CAN SEE COURTNEY IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER

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38 Kitty and Trent

This is perfect and you all know it - ProPanda

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39 Ezekiel and Izzy

Maybe they are a cute couple but ezekiel is a mutant monstor thank to chris and toxic waste

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40 Crimson and Ennui

Together for THREE years people, this is the most stable Total Drama couple ever.

There are both goths and both wear dark clothes and they don't care about almost anything they are a very good couple

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