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61 Alejandro and Leshawna

Here I said the most creepy couples... - ScottEuclid

This couple would actually be cute if Alejandro would stop being a player. You could see the chemistry.

62 Justin and Beth
63 Rodney and Amy

And couple with Rodney in it is a joke to me.

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64 Sierra and Topher

Both are superfans, why not?

I don't know. Sierra is fixated on Cody. I would like to see these two interact in the future. Heck, wouldn't it be cool if it turned out they knew each other from before the season from some fan club?

No way not ever! She desires someone better than a selfish mini Chris

Both are really big fans of Chris Mclean. - Catacorn

I like this couple but I just can't let codierra go!

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65 Leonard and Sugar

This one is great. He thinks she believes in him and she believes in him and love him

Sugar is so cute

Hate both of them but I totally <3 this couple

66 Owen and Sugar

They are so cute together,but the beauty queens should be with the beauty queens.

67 Ryan and Stephanie
68 Courtney and Her Lawyers

Too funny, I had to vote when I saw this! -

Yes this crazy freak has found her match

She is clearly obsessed with calling her Lawyers when there is a problem Lmao

69 Brick and Dawn
70 Trent and Samey

Trent needs a new love life and Samey needs love. I see these two as one of the cutest couples ever. It would be great if this two met and could have some actually bonding time. In one season Trent can get voted off because of Ami and this will be major character development for Samey

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71 Owen and Izzy
72 Heather and Lorenzo

I saw this in a fanfic?

73 Courtney and Alejandro

Okay, who put this on the list? This pairing only came into being to screw with Courtney's head and kick her off the show. But we do need to give Courtney some closure about this. She needs to ask "What the hell was that with me? " Kissing Heather is not enough for Courtney to know for sure that he's not into her!

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74 Dawn and DJ

I can see them together

Dj and Dawn are both into nature and they are both kind and helpful so they are the perfect couple even though they have'nt even met.

There both nature lovers, I can see this working out even though I'm more of a CodyxDawn fan

75 Mal and Gwen

Just imagine how good theses 2 would be

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76 Cody and Courtney

I do not want they were thinking when the put this couple together clearly Cody doesn't like Courtney and Courtney doesn't have a thing for Cody either so really I do not knew how this couple could possible work

77 Emma and Noah

They are so perfect for each other and they bring out the best in each other.

78 Ella and Anti Duncan
79 Tyler and Ezekiel

Can somebody please explain this?

Yeah can somebody tell me why this pairing was good?

That's just stupid

80 Lindsay and Trent

This would actually make a really good couple if Lindsay and Tyler were to break up.

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