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141 Shawn and Zoey

They would be a fun, interesting couple! I'd ship them.

142 Tyler and Eva

They both love athletic stuff and sports/ staying in shape. They could go to the gym together.

143 Cody and Laurie

They are both sweet and caring, and adorable.

144 Leonard and Tammy

So crazy but so perfect

145 Sierra and DJ

DJ comforts Sierra after Cody turns her down, and then becomes obsessed with DJ! Unlike Sierra and Cody though, this will eventually turn into an actual relationship. They are both very caring when it comes to others, and always trying to make others happy. Why not let them be the ones that are happy for once. Not to mention, they would be adorable together, and yes, DJ'S mama approves!

146 Katie and Sam

With Katie being a total girly girl, and Sam being a nerd, they'd make a really nice opposites attract couple. They're both really sweet people, and Sam is into girls out of his league.

147 Anne Maria and Rock

The material girl and the Rocker guy. It would make the perfect opposites attract pair.

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148 Ella and Owen

The princess and her "large" prince

149 Tom and Eva

Tom cares about fashion, ever only cares about her body. Opposites attract couple.

150 Emma and Dave

They seem perfect for each other!

151 Dakota and Owen

The gorgeous model with the perfect body, and an awesome party guy who cares more about food and fun than his figure. They would be adorable together! I can actually see this couple happening.

152 Laurie and Brody
153 Dave and Amy

This couple would be fun to see, and I would ship it! Dave would be all lovesick for Amy, and she would be like ugh go away! On second thought, come back! Hold me for crying out loud!

154 Mickey and Taylor

This would be an adorable couple honestly!

155 Lightning and Ella

Lightning would be the perfect prince for Ella!

156 Sugar and Max V 2 Comments
157 Heather and Lorenzo
158 Rock and Katie
159 Crimson and Tom
160 Staci and Rodney

He falls in love with everything he sees anyways.

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