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161 Anne Maria and Rock

The material girl and the Rocker guy. It would make the perfect opposites attract pair.

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162 Ella and Owen

The princess and her "large" prince

163 Tom and Eva

Tom cares about fashion, ever only cares about her body. Opposites attract couple.

164 Dakota and Owen

The gorgeous model with the perfect body, and an awesome party guy who cares more about food and fun than his figure. They would be adorable together! I can actually see this couple happening.

165 Laurie and Brody
166 Dave and Amy

This couple would be fun to see, and I would ship it! Dave would be all lovesick for Amy, and she would be like ugh go away! On second thought, come back! Hold me for crying out loud!

167 Mickey and Taylor

This would be an adorable couple honestly!

168 Lightning and Ella

Lightning would be the perfect prince for Ella!

169 Sugar and Max V 2 Comments
170 Heather and Lorenzo
171 Rock and Katie
172 Crimson and Tom
173 Staci and Rodney

He falls in love with everything he sees anyways.

174 Scarlett and Lorenzo
175 Lorenzo and Stephanie
176 Sanders and Beardo

This is adorable!

177 Laurie and Dave

Because Laurie is caring, and Dave needs another shot at love.

178 Leshawna and Rock
179 Sierra and Beardo
180 Dakota and Cody

Cody's aways said " He Loves the Hot lady's". This girl can make Cody's dreams come true

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