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161 Scarlett and Lorenzo
162 Lorenzo and Stephanie
163 Sanders and Beardo

This is adorable!

164 Laurie and Dave

Because Laurie is caring, and Dave needs another shot at love.

165 Leshawna and Rock
166 Sierra and Beardo
167 Dakota and Cody

Cody's aways said " He Loves the Hot lady's". This girl can make Cody's dreams come true

V 2 Comments
168 Lorenzo and Leshawna
169 Ennui and Blaineley
170 Staci and Brick
171 Mike and Anne Maria

They are shown to be attracted to each other on the show.

172 Alejandro and Josee V 2 Comments
173 Sam and Ellody
174 Sam and Ellody
175 Dave and Blaineley

A guy like him gets a girl like her, that would be really cute!

176 Staci and Max

They look like they go together, and they are both looked at as irritating from the other contestants, I feel like they would understand each other. Plus with Staci's constant lying and Max's evil, they would make a good alliance and couple.

177 Tyler and Blaineley

The jock and the popular rich gossip girl. It's just like in real life.

178 Shawn and Leshawna
179 Junior and Sugar
180 Scarlett and Tyler
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