Top Ten Total Drama Fanon Couples


The Top Ten

1 Gwen and Courtney

I think things have been leading up to it. I also think it's time Total drama had a gay couple. - Darellfat

I think Total Drama should get a gay couple, but not that one. They work way better like frenemies.

2 Noah and Cody

My EYES! My little, tiny, baby, loli EYES! ,>o<, - Gehenna


Sometimes, I feel like people only ship these two because they'd look "cute" together. Seriously? They've made little to no reaction at all during the series! And I hate how people don't like Nowen just because Owen is fat, therefore it's gross. Like, what?! I really love Nowen and wish it was canon. I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate for this, but.. ANTI NOCO AND PROUD! >:D

3 Cody and Bridgette
4 Topher and Sammy
5 Noah and Dawn

Mother Earth has rewarded Dawn her very soulmate

My friend asked me to put this. I don't ship it. - Darellfat

This couple Don't make sense


6 Duncan and Zoey

Thinking now, it's not bad.

7 Dave and Ella

Better than dave and sky

8 Cody and Heather

No this does not deserve to be on the list heather will never like cody and cody is just a homewrecker. Aleheather foever

9 Cameron and Dawn
10 Scott and Dawn


Its like the best ship EVER created. I mean how does trent x courtney even work?!


The Newcomers

? Lindsay and Mickey
? Izzy and Scott

The Contenders

11 Max and Sugar

Putting two of the funniest PI contestants together. HELL YEAH. - Darellfat

12 Ella and Trent
13 Alejandro and Noah
14 Gwen and Cameron
15 Heather and Feather

enough said

16 Mal and Alejandro


(t poses )

17 Gwen and Duncan


18 Harold and Sadie
19 Dave and Courtney

They share lots of similarities, they'd be perfect for each other.

20 Lindsay and Mike

I feel wrong for shipping these two.

21 Beth and Cameron
22 Duncan and Dawn
23 Sugar and Alejandro
24 Samey and Trent
25 Trent and Katie
26 Trent and Sadie
27 Mal and Heather
28 Anne Maria and Justin
29 Noah and Courtney
30 Dawn and Mike
31 Lightning and Sky
32 Eva and Justin
33 Duncan and Courtney


34 Geoff and Lindsay
35 Cody and Izzy

Perfect for this list.

36 Harold and Lindsay
37 DJ and Courtney
38 Ella and Topher
39 Lindsay and Justin
40 Topher and Dakota
41 Trent and Zoey
42 Owen and Sierra
43 Cody and Lindsay

They seem good for each other

44 Beth and Owen
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