Top Ten Total Drama Hard Core Competitors


The Top Ten

1 Duncan

Duncan is my favorite character and he is a Leo the zodiac sign. Duncan can fight, and is not scared of anybody. He is scared of cute things. - DavidHayes

2 Alejandro

Alejandro is a character and his zodiac sign is a capricorn zodiac sign. He can fool girls minds and can eliminate them also. - DavidHayes

3 Scott

Scott is somewhat like duncan but a tad bit softer than him. His zodiac sign is a Ariel. - DavidHayes

4 Tyler

He is a scorpio zodiac sign. Tyler is athletic - DavidHayes

5 Brick

He is in the army. - DavidHayes

6 Owen

TOO FAT. He is a gemini zodiac sign. he will do anything for the food. - DavidHayes

7 Trent

He is a lovers boy. His Zodiac sign is an aquarius - DavidHayes

8 Justin

Justin is a pretty boy who is a model and only tricks the female mind. - DavidHayes

9 Heather V 1 Comment
10 Lashawna V 1 Comment

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11 Jo
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