Top Ten Total Drama Hard Core Competitors


The Top Ten

1 Duncan

He is scared of no one

Duncan is my favorite character and he is a Leo the zodiac sign. Duncan can fight, and is not scared of anybody. He is scared of cute things. - DavidHayes

2 Alejandro

Alejandro is a character and his zodiac sign is a capricorn zodiac sign. He can fool girls minds and can eliminate them also. - DavidHayes

3 Scott

Scott is somewhat like duncan but a tad bit softer than him. His zodiac sign is a Ariel. - DavidHayes

4 Tyler

He is a scorpio zodiac sign. Tyler is athletic - DavidHayes

5 Brick

He is in the army. - DavidHayes

6 Owen

TOO FAT. He is a gemini zodiac sign. he will do anything for the food. - DavidHayes

7 Trent

He is a lovers boy. His Zodiac sign is an aquarius - DavidHayes

8 Heather

Evil Mean and is a drama queen. And she is also a lyer - DavidHayes

9 Justin

Justin is a pretty boy who is a model and only tricks the female mind. - DavidHayes

10 Lashawna

Lashawna is ghetto and can fight anybody. And is related to DJ. - DavidHayes

The Contenders

11 Mal

He is manipulative, strong, evil, and downright the most badass character in all of Total Drama. He scared the animals on boney island so much that they dared to overrun CHEF HATCHET! He defeated IZZY in the spider costume with enjoyment, and then he THREW her away! - eddul99

12 Jo
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