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21 Mike

Mike is like amazing and funny because of his multiple personalities. Even though he didn't make it to the final three on season 4, he still awesome.

Mike is awesome because he was funny but actually an interesting character. He wasn't just comic relief thankfully

Best character ever.. Take that Alejandro you just got Miked!


Mike/mal was the best all star he even outwitted Alejandro

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22 Jasmine V 1 Comment
23 Katie

She was so cute

24 Scarlett
25 Sadie

Sadie Has Been More Capable and Useful On Her Team Then Katie Was. At Least After Dodgebrawl.
My Point Is, Sadie Has Had a Better Image Then Katie Has.

26 Dawn

As lightning said "creepy girl " I agree reading peoples souls-CREEPY!

Dawn is not a tdi contestant - Turkeyasylum

I loved Dawn! She was adorable and so nice and caring!

I was hoping to see more of her.
She could have been a great character if she had more screen time.

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27 Beth

Beth is awesome she should be way higher on the list

I love you so so so so so so so so much Beth from unknown person

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28 Leshawna

How is she so low

29 Beardo
30 Brody

Brody is awesome, and so sexy! Maybe since Bridgette and Courtney are good friends, she could hook Courtney up with Brody, while Bridgette has Geoff!

31 Brick

Brick is very entertaining and funny. He's one of my few favourites and the last in a chain of favourite eliminated that in TDRotI - DinoKea

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32 Sami

Sami is nice and better than ami she should be jasmine's best friend

33 Cameron

Cameron was so nice and he deserved his win

Uh, hello? Best guy, no doubt. When you are on Total Drama, try, just TRY to eliminate him.
-Chris McLean

34 Anne Maria Anne Maria

This girl is hot, knows her way around a hairspray can, and her makeup is always perfect. Anne Maria is the best in my opinion, she brings that Jersey Shore flair.

Love the Jersey vibe

She sucks because she was a bitch to Brick. And so, I wish that he socked her hard.

35 Zoey

I wish zoey won total drama revenge of the island. I think she was to coolest cutest character on total drama

Zoey is awesome she is one of the only TDI girls to be nice and actually be smart and tough.

She and mike are my absalout favoret, the moment I saw her I tought, "she's my favorite" same with mike

36 Topher
37 Scott V 1 Comment
38 Chef Hatchet V 1 Comment
39 Dave

He hates dirt and he loves sky.

He hates dirt he loves Sky

40 Katie and Sadie

They were just the most ANNOYING People on Total Drama.

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