Top 10 Total Drama Island Girls


The Top Ten

1 Gwen

She is so cool and when I first saw he I thought she would be a Goth but she was actually really nice and cool. - TheKawaiiChinchilla

How is gwen hot? She's hideous, probably the worst looking td girl honestly!

Gwen is the best character on the show. Love her.

How hot is she I am I ove with her

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2 Heather

Ok usually everyone hates the villain but something about Heather is cool. - TheKawaiiChinchilla



3 Leshawna Leshawna

I love her sass she is SO funny. - TheKawaiiChinchilla

4 Katie

She is so sweet and cute. - TheKawaiiChinchilla

5 Lindsay

She is funny but sometimes I can get a little annoyed by her. - TheKawaiiChinchilla

6 Sadie

Sadie is so sweet! She will always be the best girl in Total Drama!

She is funny and I think she is adorable. - TheKawaiiChinchilla

Katie is WAY better.

7 Courtney

Strongest girl I know. If my boyfriend cheated on me, I would have pushed him off the plane.

She can get a little annoying sometimes but I still like her style - TheKawaiiChinchilla

Prettiest and hottest girl on the island.


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8 Bridgette Bridgette

She's cool, chill, and relaxed. She's one of the nicest girls on the show. And I loved her relationship with Geoff.

She is cool and relaxed she isn't that entertaining but I still like her. - TheKawaiiChinchilla

She is the most hotest girl from total drama island

9 Izzy

The crazy funny girl I love her. - TheKawaiiChinchilla

Izzy is total my favorite

10 Beth

Beth is adorable! She is definitely the best Total Drama girl!

She is so sweet and funny. - TheKawaiiChinchilla

The Contenders

11 Zoey
12 Samey Samey

This girl is so pretty! I love her sweet and caring attitude, despite the fact her sister is mean to her all the time. She's the best cheerleader ever!

The sweet, kind, unnapreciated cheerleader who ironically happens to be prettier than her sister. "Sammy" is the best Total Drama girl!

Sved so pretty and so nice

13 Dakota

Miss pretty in pink! Love her!

Shes prettiest

14 Jasmine

Get her off this list.

15 Tammy

The cosplay girl, who is actually really pretty. Go cosplay!

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