Top Ten Total Drama Love Couples That Should Have Happened

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1 Anne Maria and Justin

Both people think they are pretty.

2 Brick and Dawn
3 Sammy and Beardo
4 Jo and Brick

Imagine Jo's heart beating for Brick awkward...

It would be weird if Jo was in love.

That would be weird and awkward, but still fun - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

They would be a funny couple to watch. Brick looks like he's related to Duncan?

5 DJ and Bridgette

Screw Geoff! DJ and Bridgette would be awesome! They're both vegetarians, love animals, and are super sweet! I can just imagine the two together... At least they wouldn't be making out every 3 seconds.. I can also imagine Bridgette teasing DJ sometimes and DJ being all gentlemanly because it's what Mama taught him

6 Topher and Jen

The Chris wannabe and the fashionista! I could see him carrying her shopping bags around for her!

7 Amy and Dave
8 Cody and Sierra

Sierra is hopelessly devoted and in love with Cody, I hope he ends up returning the feelings.

9 Mal and Commando Zoey

Two personalities of Mike and Zoey.

They're perfect for each other

10 Trent and Courtney

With Gwen and Duncan together they know how each other feel.

Courtney and Trent should be higher than seven.

They would be cute, but I feel like if they started to date It would only be a pity couple, I feel bad for you, you feel bad for me, let's date. So not a good idea, I love them both though.Just don't think they would start to date out of true love.

If Trent and Courtney hook up Duncan and Gwen will get sooo jealous

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11 Harold and Staci

They both think they are awesome.

12 DJ and Jasmine

Both are animal lovers but DJ might kill them all.

13 Leshawna and Lightning

This would be a very appealing couple, they would look good together.

I want a Leshawna/Harold/Lightning love triangle.

OK maybe not the best.

14 Chris and Blaineley

I think will haft to be crazy to do it on his show think about his embarrassment thanks to Serra

They are both hosts.

Chris and Blaineley in love with each other

15 Sky and Dave

These two would make such a cute couple

Too bad sky said she hadd a boyfriend
Or was it daves fault for not listening to skys explanation
The world ma never know
Skave foreva

16 Mickey and Kitty
17 Topher and Blaineley

They would be great together.

Topher and Blainely both want to be the host.

18 Dawn and Scott

NO! Never gonna happen! Not toady, not tomorrow and not until the end of the world! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Scott is mean dawn is kind never going to happen Scott got dawn of of the game!

Dawn and Scott are enemies.

It should have happend, now it's kinda impossible. But they still cute as a couple.

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19 Sammy and Shawn
20 Owen and Sugar

They both love food

I agree with both their love of food but I thing Izzy and Owen is much more cutter then Owen and suger

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