Top Ten Total Drama Love Couples That Should Have Happened

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41 Duncan and Jo

They are both super competitive so it will be a great pair!

42 Rodney and Lindsay

They are both super dumb so it will work!

43 Noah and Cody
44 Heather and Duncan

Heather loves alejandro as much as sierra loves cody

45 Katie and DJ

They just look so good together

46 Sadie and Eva

Whoever added this to the list is disgusting. Not going to happen, by the way!

47 Mike and Lindsay
48 Noah and Bridgette
49 Leshawna and DJ

I always thought these two would end up together. Maybe they still can, I have my fingers crossed.

50 Mike and Dawn
51 Devin and Blaineley
52 Sam and Beth
53 Chet and Amy

They are both mean siblings.

54 Ezekiel and Jen

Ezekiel finally needs somebody, and it would be cute to see him with someone out of his league, like fashionista Jen! They would be really cute.

55 Rodney and Carrie
56 B and Dakota

They would be adorable and more cute than Dakota with Sam.

57 Crimson and Trent

She is Trent's type

58 Stephanie and Harold
59 Stephanie and Ryan
60 Gwen and Leonard

They are both different from other people, and don't exactly "fit in", but they love who they are and what you say about them, doesn't bother them.

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