Top Ten Best Total Drama Love Couples

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1 Mike and Zoey

The best couple ever.

Mike and Zoey = relationship goals.

They are ment for each other.

The best couple in the world of TD

2 Duncan and Courtney

Duncan, propose to Courtney! Maybe she'll take you back! Forget the hype about there's no happy endings in modern times. This couple will always be one of a kind, I want them to run away together and get away from the drama that tore them apart.

I like how Duncan is always being good for Courtney.

I love them! You know how they say opposites attract!
Duncan and Courtney are proof that opposites attract.

I love how Duncan had a interest in Courtney and hated how they put him with Gwen she belongs with Trent. Duncan was just using her to get to Courtney.

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3 Dakota and Sam

Little gamer with stunning model. That's awesome.

4 Izzy and Owen

"This is like that part of the horror movie when we make out and the killer comes! "

"but we're not making out? "



"wanna make out? "

"YEA! "

5 Dave and Sky

Dave and Sky are cute together. I have a feeling they will be in a new season, because of the way things were left off.

It ended so badly.

It is new but I bet it is like Mike and Zoey.

They are the cutest couple in Total Dram in my opinion. I always loved tuning into the next episode of Total Drama Pahkitew Island to see how their love story evolved and still to this day watch Total Drama on a regular basis. Skave 4 Ever.

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6 Gwen and Trent

Gwen and Trent were really cute. Trent brought Gwen out of her shell, and Gwen made Trent feel wanted. It was cute when he wrote songs for her. I hope they get back together.

This couple was best until TDA where they broke up.

Gwen and Trent was so good. I can't believe they broke up

F The TDA Makers For Breaking Them Up!

7 Harold and Leshawna

The weirdest couple in total drama history.

8 Tyler and Lindsay V 1 Comment
9 Gwen and Duncan

I'm glad Duncan left Courtney for Gwen. Courtney was a brat and only pointed out what Duncan did wrong, while Gwen actually understood Duncan and didn't judge him constantly or try and change him.


10 Scott and Courtney

An unexpected couple but Scott became nicer thanks to Courtney but I do not like it very much because I wanted Duncan and Courtney to come back.

I much prefer Courtney to be with Scott than Duncan. Even though I did like that pairing I feel like Scott and Courtney connected more.

They are a very cute opposites attract couple, it's a city girl with a country boy.

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11 Heather and Alejandro

They were meant for each other

I love these two, but they're a more 'hate-love' couple lololol


Come on there like a cilantro power cuple (ship ship sippp

12 Justin and Beth V 1 Comment
13 Jasmine and Shawn

They are awesome together Shawn is my favorite boy and Jasmine is my second favorite girl. I just love then together and you should too.

I totally love this couple and they should stay together forever

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14 Bridgette and Geoff

These guys are so DARN cute together! I absolutely love them and think they go PERFECT together!


15 Tom and Leshawna

whos tom

16 Gwen and Cody


ER mer gersh! I love this couple! Ship them so hard!

17 Alejandro and Courtney

Maybe. But alejandro and heather will last

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18 Mike and Anne Maria

It was cool because it gave Mike and Zoey's story better

19 Justin and Lindsay
20 Courtney and Tyler

Courtney did not like Tyler but flirted with him to make Duncan mad.

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