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1 Duncan and Courtney

I made Duncan and Courtney in the Sims 4, and in 2 hours, they were married

Duncan, propose to Courtney! Maybe she'll take you back! Forget the hype about there's no happy endings in modern times. This couple will always be one of a kind, I want them to run away together and get away from the drama that tore them apart.

I like how they are so different. Duncan bring out the rebelious side of Courtney and Courtney brings out the good side in Duncan.

I like how Duncan is always being good for Courtney.

2 Mike and Zoey

I really love this ship because (1) I love both the characters (2) they never broke up (3) it feels like the most sincere relationship OTP

The best couple ever.

Mike and Zoey are an amazing couple! They're so cute together. Go Zoke!

Mike and Zoey = relationship goals.

3 Dakota and Sam

Little gamer with stunning model. That's awesome.

4 Izzy and Owen

I did not vote for this on the other list I voted for dxc so now it is far because izzy and owen are my 2 fave

Such a great couple!

Crazy chick and fatty mc fat pants? why not?

"This is like that part of the horror movie when we make out and the killer comes! "

"but we're not making out? "



"wanna make out? "

"YEA! "

5 Gwen and Trent

Gwen and Trent were really cute. Trent brought Gwen out of her shell, and Gwen made Trent feel wanted. It was cute when he wrote songs for her. I hope they get back together.

This couple was best until TDA where they broke up.

Gwen and Trent was so good. I can't believe they broke up

F The TDA Makers For Breaking Them Up!

6 Dave and Sky

It ended so badly.

Dave and Sky are cute together. I have a feeling they will be in a new season, because of the way things were left off.

It is new but I bet it is like Mike and Zoey.

I absolutely loved this couple and they are so cute together. I hope in a future season these two finally get together. Skave 4 Ever

7 Harold and Leshawna

The weirdest couple in total drama history.

8 Tyler and Lindsay

They are perfect for each other. I wish Tyler was in TDA.

9 Gwen and Duncan

In Wourld Tour they genuinely love each other and evidence of this is Courtney did the finger over the nech thing to show that Gwen will soon be out and you can clearly see Duncan worried. Also, Duncan showed no regret at the time of his decision. A point people seem to miss is that imagine how Courtney would have reacted if Duncan wanted to break up before she knew about the kiss. They seem to have had a smoother relationship. Fuch you All-Stars.

Duncan seriously think he can get away with kissing Gwen well I should say gwuncan Duncan and Courtney forever!

I'm glad Duncan left Courtney for Gwen. Courtney was a brat and only pointed out what Duncan did wrong, while Gwen actually understood Duncan and didn't judge him constantly or try and change him.

Nope. Gwent and Duncney were miles better than this. I feel Gwen and Duncan were both were just suddenly available sooo... they decided to get together. I also felt the writers only thought of this because they were both goth, and it was a pretty mean and manipulative couple too.

10 Heather and Alejandro

They were meant for each other

Best couple and I stand by that

Ship is love ship is life.

I love these two, but they're a more 'hate-love' couple lololol

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11 Scott and Courtney

An unexpected couple but Scott became nicer thanks to Courtney but I do not like it very much because I wanted Duncan and Courtney to come back.

I much prefer Courtney to be with Scott than Duncan. Even though I did like that pairing I feel like Scott and Courtney connected more.

They are a very cute opposites attract couple, it's a city girl with a country boy.

This relationship is really cute, and it made me like Scott’s character infinitely more than I already did. Scott was willing to change for Courtney, which I found really sweet and good for Courtney, because I think she’d never accept anyone just the way they are unless their perfect nowadays. The writers screwed up Courtney in TDAS, but this was her season high point.

12 Justin and Beth

I think they are the Beth couple ever!,!,!

In the middle of TDA Beth and Lindsay ditched Justin

13 Bridgette and Geoff

They are the cutest couple EVER! They are good for each other and you can tell they were meant for each other and will be together forever!

These guys are so DARN cute together! I absolutely love them and think they go PERFECT together!



14 Jasmine and Shawn

They are awesome together Shawn is my favorite boy and Jasmine is my second favorite girl. I just love then together and you should too.

I totally love this couple and they should stay together forever

The best couple in TDPI.

15 Gwen and Cody


ER mer gersh! I love this couple! Ship them so hard!

16 Tom and Leshawna

whos tom

17 Sierra and Duncan

Yes my name is sierra ansd I confirm this ship is canon


18 Noah and Katie

Love triangle! NoahxEmmaxKatie oooh.

19 Jay and Mary

I was hoping Mickey and Mary

20 Anne Maria and Geoff

They are both party people, and have a lot of stuff in common.

21 Jen and Beardo
22 Alejandro and Courtney

Maybe. But alejandro and heather will last

Even though Alejandro woed Courtney they still kissed.


23 Mike and Anne Maria

It was cool because it gave Mike and Zoey's story better

24 Justin and Lindsay
25 Courtney and Tyler

Courtney did not like Tyler but flirted with him to make Duncan mad.

26 Brady and Beth

Everyone thought Brady was fake until the final episode

27 Rodney and Amy

This was really cute how he fell in love with her, maybe she will return his feelings for her one day. Amy has probably never been in love before and is probably secretly scared to. I bet inside she's really insecure and that's why she lashes out at people.

28 Rodney and Scarlett
29 Rodney and Jasmine
30 Samey and Shawn

This couple seems random! Sammy and Shawn? I am shocked they don't have any fanfiction!

31 Samey and Rodney
32 Brick and Dawn

This needs to happen.

33 Scarlett and Max
34 Shawn and Gwen

Shawn has an interest in creepy stuff like zombies, and Gwen's creepy, but he'd admire her and eventually they end up together.

35 Silent B and Bridgette
36 Miles and Max

Miles is the next Minion for Max! Dun Dun Dun

37 Leonard and Jo

They are both ugly and need somebody.

38 Katie and Devin

They are both a best friend to somebody, but its time these best friends found themselves a true romance!

That's just an insult to Devin!

39 Sugar and Tom
40 Leonard and Tammy
41 Tom and Jen

They so cute I want to see them smooch.

42 Jen and Scott

She hates the thought of getting her designer clothes messed up, while he could care less about fashion. Opposites attract

43 Tammy and Tyler

Jocks don't usually date LARPERS, so they would be a really cute combination. Plus Tammy and Tyler sounds cute to say together!

44 Samey and Lightning

They are both athletic, but one is arrogant and egotistical and one needs a confidence boost. Not only would they be cute as can be, but they would both balance each other out.

45 Justin and Mary

A model and a science nerd!

46 Brody and Jo
47 MacArthur and Leonard
48 Sam and Katie
49 Trent and Jasmine

This could be really cute honestly!

50 Noah and Sierra

Sierra has a new obsession!

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