Top Ten Best Total Drama Love Couples

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21 Rodney and Jasmine
22 Samey and Shawn

This couple seems random! Sammy and Shawn? I am shocked they don't have any fanfiction!

23 Samey and Rodney
24 Brick and Dawn

This needs to happen.

25 Sierra and Duncan
26 Noah and Katie V 1 Comment
27 Scarlett and Max
28 Shawn and Gwen

Shawn has an interest in creepy stuff like zombies, and Gwen's creepy, but he'd admire her and eventually they end up together.

29 Silent B and Bridgette
30 Miles and Max

Miles is the next Minion for Max! Dun Dun Dun

31 Leonard and Jo

They are both ugly and need somebody.

32 Katie and Devin

They are both a best friend to somebody, but its time these best friends found themselves a true romance!

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33 Sugar and Tom
34 Leonard and Tammy
35 Tom and Jen

They so cute I want to see them smooch.

36 Jen and Scott

She hates the thought of getting her designer clothes messed up, while he could care less about fashion. Opposites attract

37 Tammy and Tyler

Jocks don't usually date LARPERS, so they would be a really cute combination. Plus Tammy and Tyler sounds cute to say together!

38 Samey and Lightning

They are both athletic, but one is arrogant and egotistical and one needs a confidence boost. Not only would they be cute as can be, but they would both balance each other out.

39 Justin and Mary

A model and a science nerd!

40 Brody and Jo
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