Best Total Drama: Pahkitew Island Characters

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1 Sky

Okay you are all gonna hate me for this but to me I don't really care about her I mean she was pretty overrated on L Ryan which is a goanimator and what else um oh yeah she also told Dave the she would never be his girlfriend and in the finale she had a boyfriend the whole time and Dave got really mad at her but the only thing that made me think that Dave just took his anger too far its because when he found out he jousts wants to kill her (okay he needs to calm down.) and she is more like a sue in my opinion again I don't really care about her so to you Sky fans even L Ryan please don't hate me for this😞

Sky is really cool and sh knows what she is doing and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in or doesn't give in to temptations (most of the time) :)

I will love Sky forever! She is the Best Total Drama Pahkitew Island contestant, best Total Drama contestant and best character ever! She's my favourite character of all time
Sincerely, AviciiFan172, the 11 year old GoAnimate user

Sky is the best, but better in TDThomasFan725's TDPI Rewrite on deviantArt. I hope she appears in the next Total Drama season so I can see her great athletic skills again!

2 Jasmine

I think that Jasmine is the best because she really knows how to survive and she is ultimately a really kind person and I love her and Shawn together!

A very nice person, indeed. She was there for both Shawn and Samey when nobody else was, and she offered to split the money with Shawn if she won.

She is my favourite. I am Australian too and I think she is awesome. She is intelligent and strong and brave and stuff. She is cool

She was a strong competitor, a good leader and a better friend. She deserved to win! But I guess she kinda won anyway.

3 Samey (The Sweet Twin) Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

She was definitely my favourite character from the show. Samey is really cute and I'm glad Jasmine taught her a valueble lesson. I hope she now can deal with her evil twin and show to the other people that she is the better one!

Sammy is good, nice, not evil, and better than wannabe Amy. Also her name is actually Sammy she said it in the beginning, she said "Actually, my name's Sammy."

Of course. Besides, next time you call her "Samey", I will tell you: She signed onto adoption papers for her name to be changed to "Sammy".

Aww I love Samey! From the first time I saw her, I felt bad for her of getting mocked by Amy. I loved her friendship with Jasmine. I also love her design.

4 Ella

One question. Why is she number 5? She should be higher than the likes of Zombie Fanboy and Zoey Rip Off followed by Samey...but I do like Sky, just not as much...sorry, it's hard finding a Pahkitew Island favorite, but I will not be friends with people who love the likes of Sugar. - Gehenna

Ella is my favorite character in the whole Total Drama series, and I hate Sugar so much when she made Ella get off the show. I also hate Dave because he broke Ella's heart and I was so mad at him.

Ella is a sweet character really kind to Sugar. Was unfair for her boot because she sang

She's so adorable! She is like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty combined.

5 Shawn

Come on! Sky is much worse than Shawn because 1) Sky is rude to him in the Finale, and she changes her nice personality to a "You're going down" thing and 2) She had such a boring personality besides her with Dave. And, Dave was better in that instance. Shawn is awesome. He has such an unusual stereotype and he is so boss. Deserved to win.

For me it was tough between Shawn and Jasmine but Shawn IS AMAZING. he's athletic smart and funny. Also his stereotype is so unusual that you don't see it coming. Plus I love his role in his relationship between him and Jasmine. Also I believe Sky is overrated. Shes so bland and then at the end she completley changes. I just feel that Shawn is #1 with Jasmine at #2 and Ella at #3.

Shawn isn't afraid to be himself and I love that about the dude not to mention Shawn and Jasmine are SO CUTE together!

What? How can people like Sky? Besides Sugar, she was my least favorite in the whole series!

6 Scarlett

I wouldn't go as far to say as she was the BEST antagonist of the whole series (I thought it was Al in TDWT) but she's one of the most interesting. I had lots of fun seeing her snap from her kind self into a mentally insane girl! She's smart and I love how she played Max to think he was controlling her, when she was the one manipulating him! Love her! By the way, why is Sky at the top? She's boring and a Mary Sue. I can proudly say, Scarlett deserves #1!

I just love Scarlett with a passion! She turns from a nice and smart girl to a mentally insane one that needs a straitjacket. Scarlett should've on with Jasmine being 2nd.

I think Scarlett is the best third gen character. She's smart manipulative, cunning, and insane. Scarlett us the best antagonist of the whole series!

One of the greatest villains ever, and a smart character

7 Dave

Why did he get treated like a bad guy in the end?! He was lead on, rejected and humiliated by Sky. She treated him badly and he was hurt. Getting much deserved payback and winning $500 000, who wouldn't go a bit overboard?

His personality is one of the best I've seen in Total Drama, and I feel really bad for him in the ending...

Dave for the win! Hands down the best character of TDPI! And my personal favorite.

I liked him until he started acting like a cry baby

8 Topher

Topher is better than Chris, Alejandro, and Justin combined! Id actually like to see him be host.

Should've hosted The Ridonculous Race, not that stupid Don character.

My Favorite character of the whole series!

Do not like him, Chris will beat him any day .

9 Beardo

Beardo's audition showed the real him, but in the actual season they totally derailed him! Bring him back as the character in his audition!

He should've been in the season a lot more. He's very entertaining.

He's the funniest total drama character ever

Honestly, I liked this character :/ poor Beardo

10 Max

Max was the only character in this season that actually made me laugh.

Time to "EVIL". Haha so funny. Sugar was even laughing when he said evil

Max was good comic relief for the show. He was a fun character and funny.

Max is the funniest character in the show

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11 Rodney

Some people DO like Rodney. Just because you don't like him, doesn't mean other people can't.

He should not be last. He was funny and was way better than Ella, Amy, Leanord and Sky

I do not like him. I do not like him at all.

He was a lovable goof.

12 Amy (The Evil Twin)

Amy is the best character on this season. She was awesome and cheerleaders are too cool. She made a perfect evil cheerleader. I am team Amy forever!

Overrated and the most hated character by the fan base. Amy fans suck! She is the worst!

She is cool! I love her! But I like Sammy, Ella, Sky, Jasmine, Shawn, Topher and Dave too!

She very evil but the hottest and sexy like her sister.

13 Leonard

Leonard he is amazing Samey is also amazing but I fill Leonard needs more votes because both my favorite . I also love this character because I love magic and Harry potter so this a incredible bonuses he is a great character . He deserves more credit. :)

Uh, yeah... Leonard should have been voted off first! And I can't believe that they brang him to the Ridonculous race out of all people from Pakitew Island! And he never changed! He still thought he was a wizard! And he and his partner got themselves eliminated because of their stupidity! Idiots!

My favorite character in the series is Leonard! How could I not love this guy! The interactions with the other characters are hilarious, and his costume is cool!

Every time I hear his name I crack up hilar but stupid

14 Chef Hatchet

You gotta love Chef how couldn't you!?

You can’t go wrong with hatchet

15 Sugar

I kind of like sugar. At sometimes, her personality can be pretty funny. I understand that she can be a brat. But I can’t help seeing deep into the characters

I like the fact that she is a curvy Beauty Pageant Queen. It proves that curvy girls and bigger girls can be beautiful too, and that not all girls are afraid to eat.

Wow... sugar is like way below all the people who were not even on the show? She is my second favorite after Dave!

She is kind of hilarious, even thought she's a bit full of herself.

16 Mary

Team Mary all the way.

WHAT THE she didn't appear till ridonculous race

17 Cody

He is not a Pahkitew Island character, he was from the original cast

You gotta love Cody

His shoe had a cameo

18 Gwen

Gwen has always been my favorite but I picked Jasmine first because she is newer and she needs some love ya know but I love Gwen because she is really kind but can be competitive when she wants to and she just reminds me of me I guess. :)

I loved her appearance!

Dude, Gwen is NOT in this season

Neither is Gwen.

19 Bear

Why is bear on this list?

To anyone who asks why the bears on this list he’s best background character

20 Chris Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Very delicate line between love and hate some have walked it before picking a side Chris lives there

Da bom dot come

21 Duncan

I chose Duncan because I thin that he has developed become really sweet and he actually really cares for example in season one when he tried to save bunny but I also think that he became very caring because of Gwen but you also gotta love the bad boy. :)

Can He Be At Top of the List he is Best Character Ever #DUNCANA


22 Dawn

Dawn is pretty cool and I don't there is just something about her that intrigues me.

They said Pakhitew Island not Revenge of the Island

23 Izzy

You gotta love Izzy and her goofy personality!

Um, Izzy's not on this season.

24 Ezekiel

He is not in this season

25 Sam
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