Best Total Drama: Pahkitew Island Characters

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1 Sky Sky

She is the best chracter even though ducan is way better

She's so cool! Her skills are off the charts and she is also a great team player!

Laugh out loud her talent in episode 12 - DogeFan132

Sky is so pretty! She's really athletic and imperfect.

2 Jasmine

She's nice, awesome, smart and brave!
Plus, I love her romance with Shawn! They're the cutest!

She was a strong competitor, a good leader and a better friend. She deserved to win! But I guess she kinda won anyway.

I love her accent laugh out loud. And her.

Jasmine should be number 1. I think sammy should have won though.:-) - Scaranna

3 Samey (The Sweet Twin) Samey (The Sweet Twin)

She is so awesome. I just wanna hug her and be friends with her. And give Amy a punch in the face, arm, stomach!

Are you calling her the sweet twin? That's who she is!

Sammy is good, nice, not evil, and better than wannabe Amy. Also her name is actually Sammy she said it in the beginning, she said "Actually, my name's Sammy."

A victim of domestic abuse! Why isn't she number 1?

4 Ella

She should be number 1 or at least the top 5.

One question. Why is she number 5? She should be higher than the likes of Zombie Fanboy and Zoey Rip Off followed by Samey...but I do like Sky, just not as much...sorry, it's hard finding a Pahkitew Island favorite, but I will not be friends with people who love the likes of Sugar. - Gehenna

I love her so much, but I love Dawn more - Gehenna

I love her - Gehenna

5 Shawn

I feel bad for Shawn. He didn't mean what he said about Jasmine's idea.

Come on! Sky is much worse than Shawn because 1) Sky is rude to him in the Finale, and she changes her nice personality to a "You're going down" thing and 2) She had such a boring personality besides her with Dave. And, Dave was better in that instance. Shawn is awesome. He has such an unusual stereotype and he is so boss. Deserved to win.

A better winner than Sky, and a good boyfriend for Jasmine.

I like shawn. I always knew he was gonna win and he did!

6 Scarlett

I wouldn't go as far to say as she was the BEST antagonist of the whole series (I thought it was Al in TDWT) but she's one of the most interesting. I had lots of fun seeing her snap from her kind self into a mentally insane girl! She's smart and I love how she played Max to think he was controlling her, when she was the one manipulating him! Love her! By the way, why is Sky at the top? She's boring and a Mary Sue. I can proudly say, Scarlett deserves #1!

The know-it-all genius

I think Scarlett is the best third gen character. She's smart manipulative, cunning, and insane. Scarlett us the best antagonist of the whole series!

I just love Scarlett with a passion! She turns from a nice and smart girl to a mentally insane one that needs a straitjacket. Scarlett should've on with Jasmine being 2nd.

7 Max

Time to "EVIL". Haha so funny. Sugar was even laughing when he said evil

Hilarious, EVIL, like Mermaid Man from SpongeBob SquarePants only better.

Max was the only character in this season that actually made me laugh. - cjWriter1997

Max is the funniest character in the show

8 Topher

My Favorite character of the whole series!

In deed

Topher is better than Chris, Alejandro, and Justin combined! Id actually like to see him be host.

Better than Chris by a million. - Scaranna

9 Beardo Beardo


To be honest, I find Beardo annoying but Leonard could have stayed a teensy bit longer and sugar should have gone

Beardo's audition showed the real him, but in the actual season they totally derailed him! Bring him back as the character in his audition!

He's the funniest total drama character ever - simpsondude

10 Dave

He is a pure little cinnamon roll dudes

I mean like he is a incel.

Why did he get treated like a bad guy in the end?! He was lead on, rejected and humiliated by Sky. She treated him badly and he was hurt. Getting much deserved payback and winning $500 000, who wouldn't go a bit overboard?

His personality is one of the best I've seen in Total Drama, and I feel really bad for him in the ending...


The Contenders

11 Leonard

* face palm * What an idiot. He isn't a wizard, yet he acts like it. - IceFoxPlayz

Why he's in the top ten? He should be LAST!

Leonard is Harold-Noah-Cody combined!

Every time I hear his name I crack up hilar but stupid

12 Rodney

Some people DO like Rodney. Just because you don't like him, doesn't mean other people can't.

I do not like him. I do not like him at all.

He was a lovable goof.

Who likes Rodney?! I HATE HIM, GET HIM OFF THE LIST.

13 Amy (The Evil Twin) Amy (The Evil Twin)

She very evil but the hottest and sexy like her sister.

Overrated and the most hated character by the fan base. Amy fans suck! She is the worst!

She is cool! I love her! But I like Sammy, Ella, Sky, Jasmine, Shawn, Topher and Dave too!

Amy is the best character on this season. She was awesome and cheerleaders are too cool. She made a perfect evil cheerleader. I am team Amy forever!

14 Chef Hatchet
15 Mary

WHAT THE she didn't appear till ridonculous race

Team Mary all the way.

Um, who's Mary?

16 Sugar

She is so ugly

I kind of like sugar. At sometimes, her personality can be pretty funny. I understand that she can be a brat. But I can’t help seeing deep into the characters

Wow... sugar is like way below all the people who were not even on the show? She is my second favorite after Dave! - Rathernotbenamed

How can anybody not like sugar. sugar has an iron stomach. she thinks she's an actors

I despise Sugar. She kept thinking the competition was a pageant, and she was a jerk to Ella and Sky. - IceFoxPlayz

17 Gwen

Dude, Gwen is NOT in this season

I loved her appearance!

Neither is Gwen.

18 Bear

Why is bear on this list? - MikeandZoey

19 Duncan Duncan


Can He Be At Top of the List he is Best Character Ever #DUNCANA

20 Cody Cody

He is not a Pahkitew Island character, he was from the original cast - Ar0nT0pTeNz05

21 Izzy

Um, Izzy's not on this season.

22 Ezekiel

He is not in this season

23 Chris

Da bom dot come

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