Top Ten Best Total Drama Presents Ridonculous Race Partners

These are partners that are going to be in the new total drama spin off ridonculous race

The Top Ten

1 Owen and Noah

Sorry, but I found out that only total drama characters coming back is Owen, Noah, Geoff, and leonard

SO excited to see Noah back! - Turkeyasylum

I love Owen and noah

This team performed amazing in RR1 so they deserve another chance. Plus their plot with the Sisters should continue as well.

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2 Carrie and Devin

Carrie and Devin are great friends since they were little kids, and Carrie has feelings for devin.

If she and Devin returned for either seasons two or three of RR, I want them to stay in the race for a little longer (up to episodes 18 or 20). Also their arc as a couple should continue as well.

I have my money on them,since they were first introduced. - DapperPickle

3 Junior and Dwayne

This is the best pair by far!

4 Emma and Kitty

While most of the teams have similar partners, Emma and Kitty are totally different and their personalities clash with each other, which I really appreciate. I hope they win and Kitty gets a relationship with Noah

I want them to reach the final three this time as well.

5 Jay and Mickey
6 Tom and Jen

They are so amazing! They totally should have won or at least made it much farther. They better return for another season or I'll be sad and angry

They have potential to be the main underdogs, kind of like Geoff and Brody in RR1. I want them to get far in the race, develop their own characters, especially their interactions with other teams (Carrie and Devin and Emma and Kitty). I also want them to take home the one million dollar prize.

They seem so cool and have awesome personalitys! Go Jen and Tom!

7 Geoff and Brody

So they were doing good with a 2 win streak, but then lost to the Goths twice, then the Cadets when the Goths got eliminated. In episode 21, they got eliminated, but were lucky when the sisters severely injure Devin and knock him off a cliff, and were able to come back in ep. 24.

8 Sanders and MacArthur

Reasons they have potential to return: there's still a missing plot for them. We don't know what happened between Brody and MacArthur and what about Sanders? I want to see a new plot for them. And as you can see their rivalry with the Ice Dancers aren't done.

9 Chet and Lorenzo


10 Ennui and Crimson

They were amazing in RR1 so they deserve to get another chance and probably win.

What makes them so good? - DapperPickle

In one of the episodes, they took a hillarious selfie.

The Contenders

11 Stephanie and Ryan
12 Laurie and Miles
13 The LARPers
14 Josee and Jacques

They could return for a new plot, but their arc as villains already payed off back in RR1. They might be fodders.


15 Ellody and Mary
16 Rock and Spud

If they return on either seasons two or three of Ridonculous Race, they should get farther and improve.

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