Top 10 Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race Teams


The Top Ten

1 Owen and Noah

Noah is my favourite character of all time

2 Emma and Kitty
3 Jacques and Josee

If they competed in a actual total drama competition with chris being host, I would love to see them forming an alliance with Heather, Alejandro, Scott, Duncan, Max, Sugar, And Amy since they're all villans. Since they all have common enemies they could possibly vote out

4 Sanders And MacArthur
5 Jay and Mickey

It's funny that these guys are my favourites, after all, I despised Cameron, but for some reason I found these two hilarious. - Dogtimus

6 Dwayne and Junior
7 Ennui And Crimson

Gwen was goth, but at least she would get excited and stuff! Ennui and Crimson are really freaky...

I don't know why I like these two so much... They're just so hilarious.

Yes they are hilarious

8 Geoff and Brody

They. Are. Just. Yes. GeoffxBrody every day!

9 Jen and Tom

They were literally the funniest character in the history of total drama! The only downside is they were cut so soon😭

10 Pete and Gerry

The Contenders

11 Chet and Lorenzo

This is my favorite team because it doesn't matter whether their fighting or having fun together, they're funny either way.

12 Carrie and Devin
13 Taylor and Kelly
14 Rock and Spud
15 Leonard and Tammy
16 Laurie and Miles
17 Ryan And Stephanie

I hope they're cut next. Literally all they do is make goo goo eyes at each other and make out.

18 Mary And Ellody

I guess they're a good idea. I would've liked to seem them get to the middle.

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