Top Ten Total Drama Screen Hoggers


The Top Ten

1 Duncan

Not saying these guys are bad, just that they get a little too much screen time. - DapperPickle

Duncan has WAY too much. I got bored of him in TDAS where the main villains were Lightning or Jo

2 Owen

"all he does is fart constantly, mess up and get away with it for no reason, tell unfunny jokes and be the most annoying presence on screen ever. he has so much screen time and so much undeserved success in the competition I can't stand him."

3 Heather

Heather does SO much. She is almost in every season and I get really tired of her when I watch her too much

4 Gwen

Gwen as well. Gwen has probably had the most screen time out of all the characters in the show. She has been in the most seasons anyone can be in along with Lindsay, Duncan, Courtney and a few others. They are hogging up the space too much

She's annoying and avoids hate because she's goth

She hogs up way too much screen. She has 5 confessionals at the least every episode. I'm glad she was eliminated early in tda - Therandom

5 Lindsay

Everyone loves Lindsay and that's why she gets so much screen time but really, she gets seriously boring

6 Mike

Mike has WAY too much time. I got really bored of him once he came back in TDAS

7 Zoey

Bland screen hogger. "Nice" isn't a personality. - Turkeyasylum

Love you turkeyasylum, but I have to disagree with you here. Zoey is introverted and modest. that's what makes her cool.

8 Sugar
9 Courtney

Courtney is in like every episode. She has been in SO many seasons and it gets really boring

10 Alejandro
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