Total Drama Seasons That Should Be Made

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1 Total Drama Reunion

All 54 Contestants (not including Ridonculous Race Characters) return.

Its actually 52 but I want Leshaniqua and Josh (the co host of Blaineley back in TDA) to compete too!

2 Total Drama All Stars 2

Including Pahkitew Island and Ridonculous Race Characters

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3 Total Drama Presents: Chris McLean's Ridonculous Race V 1 Comment
4 Total Drama Bieber's Island

And have the contestants team up to take down Bieber.

And have Justin Bieber host

5 Total Drama: Universe Tour
6 Topher's Total Drama Island
7 Total Drama Underwater Island
8 Total Drama Bachelor/Bachelorette
9 Total Drama's Next Top Model V 1 Comment
10 Total Drama Glee

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11 Total Drama Down Under

It will take place in Australia

12 Total Drama Royalty
13 Total Drama Space
14 Total Drama: Revenge of Pahkitew Island

Join Chris and Chef in the most DRAMATIC and HILARIOUS sixth season yet! Watch as 16 brand spanking NEW contestants lie, cheat, and love their way to the one million dollar prize!

15 The Ridonculous Race - Season 2 V 1 Comment
16 Total Drama: Paradise Falls

Three years after Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, Chris McLean takes twenty-two new teenagers with ages from 16 to 17 years old, to compete in a new season of Total Drama. They'll have to face several challenges at the once successful, now abandoned and mysterious Paradise Falls resort. They will have to survive the challenges, the resort, themselves, and the sadist host, Chris McLean, to win the prize money: one billion dollars.

17 Total Drama: Brains vs. Brawns vs. Beauties

Since season six is in production, I'd hope the theme for this season would be based on Survivor's "brain vs. brawn vs. beauty" twist. Past contestants that are divided into three teams based on their intelligence, athleticism, or commitment to beauty is something I would love to see.

18 Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race 2

I would love to have another season of the ridonculous race. I could see Fresh creating 24 new teams (I an itching for 8 girl teams, 8 boy teams, and 8 mix teams). It would have to have the BIGGEST cast, beating TDI which had 22 castmates and RR1 which had 36 castmates. It would be REALLY cool to see that happening.

19 Total Drama Island 2.0

Since season six is coming to CN in late 2018, it could likely take place on a new island featuring a mix of three generations competing (I don't want newcomers).

20 Total Drama Crossover

I wanna see Chris's contestants getting together with Don's contestants. That's my big wish :D.

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