Top 10 Total Drama World Tour Episodes


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1 I See London...

I love this episode... except Noah unfairly going :’(

I saw this on Netflix with my friend, and we laughed every few seconds!

The only bad things are noah leaving and Duncan returning!

You can hear Heather swear in this episode

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2 Walk Like An Egyptian Part 1

Great story and I loved the song

3 Newf Kids on the Rock
4 Sweden Sour
5 Super Crazy Happy Fun Time in Japan
6 Awww, Drumheller

This is how we will end it. Best song. And the episode showed the audience that Cody thinks of Sierra more as a friend more than a crazy stalker

7 Walk Like An Egyptian Part 2

I despise this episode! - quizmint

8 The EX-Files
9 Chinese Fake-Out
10 Jamaica Me Sweat

The Contenders

11 Broadway, Baby!

This was my personal favorite (Even withthe deleted scene) - Turkeyasylum

12 Niagara Brawls

It was great

13 TDWT Aftermath III: Aftermath Aftermayhem
14 Hawaiian Punch

Why thid is do low?

15 TDWT Aftermath II: Revenge of the Telethon

It was so funny

16 Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Balloons
17 Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better
18 Can't Help Falling In Louvre
19 Slap Slap Revolution
20 Greece's Pieces
21 African Lying Safari

This one was amazing - Rathernotbenamed

I loved that Duncan went home thank goodness

22 Rapa Phooey!
23 TDWT Aftermath I: Bridgette Over Troubled Water
24 The Am-Ah-Zon Race
25 TDWT Aftermath IV: Hawaiian Style
26 Picnic At Hanging Dork
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