Best Total Drama World Tour Songs

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1 This Is How We Will End It

By FAR my favorite! Alejandro and Heather are such amazing singers, and this song is SUPER catchy!

I love this song! They sing wonderfully, Alejandro and Heather both show their feelings for each other, and it's just awesome!

Hands down this song wins. I also like we built Gwen's face, boyfriend kisser, and oh my izzy.

I love it because it shows how Alejandro is like a puppet master, and how he really feels about Heather.

2 I'm Gonna Make It

I just found this song ok. Though certain parts were defiantly very catchy - Spongehouse

I loved Alejandro's and Heathers little duets that depict their relationship and how Cody sang with Sierra about how he was an underdog and he got this far in the game.

SO EPIC! This is great because of the intensity and deepness you should totally watch the music video on YouTube!

Just listen to it, no need for an explanation on why it's the best

3 We Built Gwen's Face

If I were Courtney I would break her face. but sierra Heather and Courtney sing good together.

Oh this is my favorite song! I could listen to it all day, Duncan has a surprisingly good voice in this song. The tune is so catchy!

I could listen to this song over and over again for hours - Spongehouse

There almost ready so we got to go. we have to build something to sail something we can rowow it doesn't have to be a boat. as long as it stays afloat why did we build Gwen's FACES?

4 Come Fly With Us

My top one favorite song. Easily a song to know all the words to me.
"Come fly with us, come die with us! " - Noah - MikeandZoey

This should be number one best song ever because cody is in it and he is my favorite total drama character in history ever

Come fly with us
Come die with us
-courtesy of Noah

This should be #1!

5 I'm Sorry

This song is perfection in my opinion. It actually kinda sounds like a song I'd here on the radio - Spongehouse

I think it's so cute and adorable how Bridgette tries to show Geoff haw much she loves him and how sorry she is... and Bridgette has a beautiful voice.

6 Boyfriend Kisser

I don't mean to be rude, but I actually despise this song for 3 reasons:

1. Courtney and Heather SUCK!
2. Both girls are basically calling poor Gwen something she is not.
3. I love Gwen! - MadgicalKitten05

I actually hate this song. It's just more love triangle bullcrap from The Ex-Files. - Turkeyasylum

This hate song against Gwen is so mean, but it's...just...GOOD!

It's really heartbreaking, but also really catchy.

7 Strip Them Down

This one is funny and catchy defiantly my fave - Spongehouse

I underrated it so much in the past

Also Noah


8 Oh, My Izzy

This song perfectly expresses Owen's sorrow after he and Izzy break things off. It was truly moving just to see how me he loved her and how he will always love her

The only good song in the entire series. And it's number 15?

Owen actually has an amazing singing voice - Spongehouse

Better than the rest of them

9 Who You Gonna Root For

Harold's actually a pretty good rapper - maloneyscott

I loved the part with Harold raping about Cody - Spongehouse


10 Versus

My personal favorite. It's a great way to make a finale more intense.

This should be #1! Best song of the whole season!

This is my favorite song I don't know why I just like it.

This has been stuck in my head for the past 3 weeks

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11 Blainerific

Best song ever. The best part is when Cody asks who she is, and Blainely pretty much switched bodies with Eva.

I hate Blaineley but this song is really catchy and entertaining and the other characters dissing her between her lines of bragging is great

So funny when blaineley says "i'm blainerific" then cody says "whos that girl again" then blainely gets mad

True version
Blainley: Brain-brain-brain-brain-brainerific I am really horrify-ific.
Fa-fa-fa-famous I am such a savage!
Owen: bla-brainerific
Duncan: so horrific
Courtney and Heather: She's stupid not famous we are true savages.
Cody: Who the Ching-Chong heck are you?
Blainley: I interviewed you! BLEH

12 Condor

It's a good song but not one of the best in my opinion - Spongehouse

CODY! His voice is so cute!

Cody's so good!

Why oh Why so hilarious I laughed when I saw codys face

13 Before We Die

If you needed to know a bit about the characters, like if you've never heard the song before, this song helps. Like Sierra says she wants to marry Cody and Courtney says she wants to become a lawyer. Plus it's so funny and upbeat, even though they're falling through the sky.


14 Stuck to a Pole

Yes! I love this song! It's just so dang catchy like most of the songs from this season - Spongehouse

It's really cool how it's a girl only song Team Amazon (without Cody and Sierra) and Bridgette.

Really fun!

15 I'm Winning This

Owen had the best parts in this song - Spongehouse

This song is so catchy! I love it!

16 Eine Kleine

So much dynamism!

Eine Klein was an overall enjoyable song, and one of the few where something happens (Lindsay remembers Tyler). - Turkeyasylum

Lindsay's voice... uwu

One word, Noah.

17 Gypsy Rap

This is the only one I don't agree on... - DapperPickle

Actually, this is torture. - Turkeyasylum

What's so bad about this one - Spongehouse

18 Sea Shanty

As they say it. It's a sea shanty, and it's darn catchy!

19 Save This Show

I love how Geoff and Bridgette's voices blend so well together! And just overall a cool song!

It's a decent song in my opinion - Spongehouse

I saw a backwards version of it and it was funny. - CardboardBox

20 Wake Up

I would put this way higher - Btd

I really enjoyed Duncan's note at the end

21 Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley

I love this song so much! This should totally be #1 on the list! - MadgicalKitten05

Totally underrated. It is such a bop.

22 Sisters All Together Now
23 Shearing Sheep

П�"this song is the absolute best

24 Paris In the Springtime

This one is my favorite it is actually funny when Sierra knocks the Cody statue head off and it hits Cody in the face

Cody broke my heart and chewed it up and spit out and stepped on it and threw it down a sewer called it names and then lauuughed

Don't care for this one that much - Spongehouse

Coodi broke my heart and chewed it up and spit it out then stepted on it throw it down a suer then laughed.

25 Rowin' Time
26 What's Not to Love

I really like Lindsay in this song

27 Baby

I can't stop singing this song in my head! So addictive!

The song by Harold to Leshawna

Get Justin Bieber's bullcrap off this list! - Gehenna

28 Oui, My Friends (Paris)
29 Fight for the Gold

Duncan can really sing!

30 Thriller

This should be number one. MICHAEL JACKSON, MA BOI

I though Michael Jackson performed it well

Michael Jackson? Why are you here?

My man Michael

31 Sisters


32 Sierra's Song

It's the one where Sierra sings 123 slap my knee, you know.

33 Theme Song

I wanna be famous! (Totally counts, right? )

34 Lovin' Time

This song doesn't get enough credit

This is the most underrated song of all.

35 A Chinese Lesson
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