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21 Trent

Trent is a really cool guy. From his hair to his shoes, there is nothing but coolness and hotness. He is an amazing guitar player and you can fall for him way too easily. It's so easy and simple to have a conversation with him and he's not one to pry and gossip. I LOVE Trent!

Trent is so loyal it's funny!

He should of won season 1

coll guy

22 Mr. Coconut

He even doesn't do anything, what, what does it does, it's just a wood that just stands there and does what, what's it purpose

He is awesome I take back what I said about owen being my #3 owen step aside Mr. coconut is chargin in

WHOO! Go mr coconut! Best character I've ever seen, so well developed!

23 Cameron

Cameron steals people's girlfriend like me

Cameron is so sweet! Would like to see more of him.

He isn't even in world tour - NicholasYellow


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24 Sadie

She is really funny and I love the fact that she and Katie Are BFFFLs

25 Ezezikel

Ezekiel's treatment was very unfair. They only let him get eliminated first again as a joke. It really isn't funny anymore and he needs to be normal Ezekiel again. This zombie crap does not work for me.

Ezekiel was unfairly treated in World Tour. He is my favorite character, I hope we see more of him in future seasons, I want to see him human again. He doesn't deserve that zombie crap.

Even though he was the 1st voted out unless you count Duncan he was awesome as a wild animal trying to get back in the game - 9361721

Okay, Zeke is the most funny guy on the show. Why is he below people who didn't even compete until SEASON 4?!

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26 Beth

Why isn't she already on the list she is so AWESOME - Dorian

She is a totally terrible character

Beth should have competed this season instead of Duncan. Duncan and his bratty girlfriend already won TDA, there was no need for him to come back!

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27 Zoey

Zoey's the best! She is smart, funny, and pretty. She should have won total drama revenge of the island. She is the best female character on the show, right before Gwen.

Zoey is smart, pretty, and funny. Also, she and mike are the cutest couple in total drama history.

I hate Zoey! She is way too nice and Zoke is a terrible couple! I think they are way too rushed!

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28 Max
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31 MacArthur
32 Justin

Best looking guy on the show, he should have been a competitor this season. I would love to see tension between him and Alejandro.

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33 Mary

She's really smart and It's awesome that she loves science! Her laugh is funny.

34 Eva
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