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1 Both Sides Now Both Sides Now

'I've looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It's cloud illusions I recall
I really don't know clouds at all'

2 Stay In Touch Stay In Touch

Britgirl, you only like two songs from Joni Mitchell? Is that possible? To each their own of course, but this woman goes really deep with her art. I think that she is one of the greatest lyricists of this world. I'm glad you are back, actually, I just discovered it! I had left a message for you in your Best Vera Lynn Songs but for some dark reasons you didn't read it...Haha...

There are only certain songs I like by Joni Mitchell and this, and 'You've Changed' are two of them. The lyrics to both songs speak volumes and are indeed extremely touching.
Nice name for a list ton, methinks. - Britgirl

' Part of this is permanent, part of this is passing
So we must be loyal and wary
Not to give away too much
Til we build a firm foundation
And empty out old habits...old habits
Stay in touch, we should stay in touch...Oh...stay in touch'

3 My Secret Place My Secret Place
4 The Crazy Cries of Love The Crazy Cries of Love
5 You've Changed You've Changed V 1 Comment
6 Cool Water Cool Water

Hmm...hello again Britgirl. I'm very glad that you decided to write this message, because it is absolutely acceptable, cool and generous.To be honest, I was beginning to wonder if I did something wrong and I'm really happy that you set the record straight in your own sweet way. I won't leave this site as long as I have something to give and take. You know what I mean and I know what you mean, no worries. We both mean good. We don't have to worry and regret for silly things. I believe that because I don't like the alternative. Hugs and kisses. Have fun and enjoy your day in every way that pleases you! It's your life.

V 1 Comment
7 You Turn Me On I'm a Radio You Turn Me On I'm a Radio
8 How Do You Stop? How Do You Stop?
9 Borderline Borderline
10 River River

Saddest song ever. It's a really good song though.

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11 Blue Blue
12 A Case of You A Case of You
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