Top Ten Toughest Guitar Hero III Songs to Play With a Paddle

This list is The Toughest Guitar Hero III Songs To play with The regular controller instead of The guitar!

The Top Ten

1 Monsters - Matchbook Romance

This song's Solo's, & Chorus makes The song up here! The confusion is what doesn't help! - Luigibuscus

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2 One - Metallica

This song is Tough all The way To The ending, With The regular controller, I can rarely get ONE note hit - Luigibuscus

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3 Holiday In Cambodia - The Dead Kennedys

This song is just Tough in The INTRODUCTION Then The rest of The song is Technically easy, However, If you have Star Power on you Then you should be fine in The Introduction! - Luigibuscus

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4 Knights of Cydonia - Muse

This song is very quick, & nearly impossible To do with The regular controller due To The long string of notes - Luigibuscus

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5 The Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

Tough because of The Triple Notes all Together & The Introduction could be Tough To! - Luigibuscus

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6 Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine

This songs "KILL SWITCH SCRATCH! " is what Throws me off This songs also Tough with The WAH RIFFS That makes it almost impossible To hit all The notes with The Regular Controller! - Luigibuscus

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7 Black Magic Woman - Santana

This song is To quick at The end when They combine Triple & Regular Single Notes Together! - Luigibuscus

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8 Story of My Life - Social Distortion UListen to Sample
9 Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan

This song goes To quick for me To hit The notes! - Luigibuscus

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10 The Metal - Tenacious D

The Metal in The Introduction with The Regular Controller because Their are Double Notes mixed in with Regular single notes which make it almost impossible To Hit Them with The Regular Controller! - Luigibuscus

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The Contenders

11 Talk Dirty to Me - Poison

This song is Tough with The Verse's & The Choruses! Their TOUGH To do with The Regular Controller! - Luigibuscus

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