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21 100 Mario Challenge (Expert) - Super Mario Maker

The worst part about it is that literally half of the mario costumes in the game can only be unlocked on this mode AND when you play easy and medium modes enough times you can only get more costumes from expert mode (And did I mention that there is a super expert mode as well for people that are dumb enough to try it? )

It took me a long time before I could finally beat expert. I gotta say, once you complete it the first time, it's easy to redo again. This is nothing compared to Super Expert, which is much harder. - MaxPap

I don't even know why they made super expert. Expert is hard enough! (I haven't beaten it once! )

Troll levels + Insane puzzle levels + 10 second levels + Frame perfect jump speedrun levels + Insta death levels + Just plain hard levels = Raging. Lots and lots of Raging. Don't play this unless you are a masicist.

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22 Kamek's Revenge - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

The first part of the level, the player will have to avoid Kamek and his spells. The hard part is Kamek throws his staff wildly Baby Mario and Yoshi will have to reach a key, which will unlock the second part of the level. Once there, the duo will equip with skis, still trying to avoid Kamek. - YMCA

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23 Tick Tock Clock - Super Mario 64

Its hard enough but I dare you to play it with the crappy controls of Super Mario 64 DS. I DARE you! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Once you work out the 12:00 hand trick it's a bit easier but then there are stars that require the movement. - LoneShadow379

It's not too difficult but it is one of the hardest level sets in the game

It's really hard, especially with the awful N64 controls.

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24 World 7-5 - Super Mario Bros. 3

Worst Water level EVER! It scrolls for you and there's tons of enemies every where! It's not just cheep, it's cheep-cheep

7-4 is the water level and 7-5 is an optional maze level to unlock a mushroom house that contains a hammer suit, a raccoon suit, and a frog suit - YOSHIA2121

Why is SMB3 the only game with the Frog Suit?!

7-5 isn't a water level, it's an underground level, and an easy one at that. - TheYoshiOverlord

25 Special 8-5 - Super Mario 3D Land

This is basically a rush level. Where it begins, you will only have 30 seconds to complete the level. There will also be a Cosmic Clone chasing you throughout the level. Trying to rush through the level is hard enough, but having someone dangerous chase you while doing it really takes the cake. Don't expect to get this on your first try. - YMCA

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26 Neo Bowser City - Mario Kart 8

This race track is easy, you just do drifting and drifting. - MaxPap

27 The Watermelon Festival - Super Mario Sunshine

Tip: Once you get to the watermelon. Take the route closer to the place you take it to. Simply take the risk of going over the tricky parts. Chase after it if it falls. And go careful one the bridge. About 72% of my fails were on that thing.

The level requires you to take a watermelon to a fruit stand. Sounds easy. The problem? It is super sensitive and cataquacks all over the level. If a cataquack touches it, you have to do it again. You won't die a lot but it is time consuming and annoying. It took me days to complete.

The reason you hate Cataquacks in Mario Sunshine.

One word: Cataquacks.

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28 Wario's Castle - Super Mario Land 2

Screw this level. So many enemies can't be killed

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29 Bowser's Castle - New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This level...makes me wish I never played a mario game. This level shredded my life count because it was WAY TOO HARD!

The castle itself took me two tries, however the battle took me countless tries.

I beat this first try and I'm 7

I found this relatively easy.

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30 Rainbow Road - Mario Kart Super Circuit

Jumps, boost panels to get you out of control, bad kart physics. Do I really need to explain? - recaller

Thought the SNES one was hard? Oh boy, you haven't seen anything. No guard rails, boost pads that send you flying off the track, and really floaty controls. This is the hardest MK track of all time. - Zach808

So hard expecialy the controlls

31 Wario's Gold Mine - Mario Kart Wii

Not that hard annoying though

They made this way easier in Mario Kart 8, since when you hit the minecarts, they boost your speed instead of slowing you down. - MaxPap

It is so easy to fall off the track. I mean anywhere, at the beginning,when you hit a mine cart,and at the end. Also the stupid mine carts block the shortcut 99 percent of the time.


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32 Rainbow Road - Mario Kart 8

Every time I play this track, I fall off because of the following:
1: Lack of guardrails.
2: Speed boost that may throw you off the track if you have no idea what you're doing.
3: Me playing bad or someone else playing bad.
4: Getting hit with items while gliding.
It's one of the hardest Rainbow Roads, but the Mario Kart Wii one is worse.

I thought this level was easy, so I had no problem beating it.

I absolutely despise this level.

33 Pit of Panga - Super Mario Maker

It's not really a level made by nintendo, so it doesn't count, but yeah U-break is almost impossible. - MaxPap

Really hard definitely the hardest level in any fame here!

I beat it but it is hard as hell

34 Bowser's Castle - New Super Mario Brothers DS

I think that the bosses are the hard part of this!

The original New Super Mario Bros. wasn't released on multiple consoles, you didn't have to add DS.

This stage is so long. There is so many thwomps that make it annoying and then their is the anti gravity part. I hate it. The boss isn't that hard, which is a mirical.

35 Pachinko Machine - Super Mario Sunshine

That feeling when you get all the coins except for one and you slip and have to restart. enough Said

36 Toad's Turnpike Extra Cup - Mario Kart 64

You are driving the wrong way down a dual carriageway. Enough said

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37 Toad's Turnpike Reversed (Extra Cup) - Super Mario Kart 64

The hardest Mario Kart track by far. It is very hard to dodge the cars, especially when there are 2 trucks side-by-side. The item placements are also annoying as well. I have raged at the game many times on this course.

Super Mario Kart 64 - what an awesome re-entitlement for this awesome game!

Only time in a Mario kart game where, all of the cars come towards you. Their is no path tod rive with the cars like in Moonview Highway, you spend the whole level dodging. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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38 Frustration (All Melons) - Yoshi's Story V 2 Comments
39 World 2-5 - Yoshi's New Island

This level is too easy and even the levels in yoshi's old island are harder and less slow even though the original was an easy snes platformer

40 Special 8-Crown - Super Mario 3D Land

A secret level that is only unlocked if every level is played with both Luigi and Mario and you have to reach the top of flag each level

For those who haven't played this level, ya know how hard it is? As hard as TRYING IT 500 TIMES AND ONLY BEATING IT TEN TIMES!

Took me about 100 tries to realize that I needed a statue leaf. Then it took about 20 more

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