Top 10 Toughest Super Mario 64 Levels


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1 Rainbow Ride - Cruiser Crossing The Rainbow

Their are The Ton's of Tricky jumps you need To do! - Luigibuscus

2 Over The Rainbow

The level is Tricky To control The Wing Cap and one error can screw you as it Takes you right in front of The Castle! - Luigibuscus

Why do you have to appear outside of the castle when you lose!? Why!? - Martinglez

3 Chief Chilly Challenge

The level is Tricky for Ton's of Reason! The ice let's characters get lower Traction, The water Drain's The health, & you're required To use Luigi whose got lower Traction Then everyone else! - Luigibuscus

4 Bowser In The Sky

The level is Tricky To get To Bowser! - Luigibuscus

5 Lethal Lava Land - 100-Coin Star

This Took me Thousands of Tries To get all The 100 Coin's! - Luigibuscus

6 Tall, Tall, Mountain - Blast To The Lonely Mushroom

The level could get Tricky if you don't aim Terrifically! You only get one Try To do This! However with Luigi's backflip, You can cheat The level To Terribly! - Luigibuscus

7 Rainbow Ride - The Big House In The Sky

Just Similar To #1, Their are Ton's of Tricky jumps To do, However once you're out of The House you'll be suited for The entire level - Luigibuscus

8 Hazy Maze Cave - Navigating The Toxic Maze

The level could get Tricky if you screw yourself in The Toxic Maze is The Metal Ability run out - Luigibuscus

9 Bowser In The Fire Sea

The level could get Tricky Trying To avoid The Lava! - Luigibuscus

10 Cool, Cool Mountain - Big Penguin Race

The Contenders

11 King Boo Challenge

The level could get Tricky if you're doing This for The first Time! Their are These doors you need To get To and you need To guess The door you need To do! If done incorrectly, you need to restart - Luigibuscus

12 Big Penguin Race
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1. Rainbow Ride - Cruiser Crossing The Rainbow
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