Top Ten Touhou Characters

The top ten most liked characters from every Touhou Game.

The Top Ten

1 Reimu Hakurei

Reimu's the main protagonist! She's considered as one of the most badass and powerful characters in Touhou! I love her design also, red/white for the win!

Reimu is the reason I discover Touhou. Best design and her looks overall!

Raymoo is Touhou herself. Honestly, she should be number one instead of overrated Flandre.

LOL what

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2 Marisa Kirisame

Marisa is THE proof that hard work (and some pragmatism) could get you a standing in a world that's dominated by overpowered beings. Despite countless beings underestimating the "ordinary magician", she proves to them in each and every game that perseverance could get you anywhere.

She is a great character with an interesting personality, she is also the one who got me into touhou. Along with teaching me that with enough effort you can do as much as other people even without as much as them and I think that she shows that even in places in games with all powerful beings ordinary people can do just as much as them.

Marisa can throw you the entire universe, all the galaxies and stars and she has infinite number of hyper beams.

The funniest one :D

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3 Yukari Yakumo

Yukari may as well be called God. I mean honestly. Nice figure, classy attitude, and the super absolutely mind blowing ability to distort the boundaries of anything. And I mean ANYTHING peps. She could literally look at the horizon and grab it, even that counts as a border. Yukari could make monsters from your dreams become real by separating the boundaries of dreams and reality. She could mess up the boundaries of good and evil, of pink and green, of the border of the universe, of existing and not existing. So yeah... She is PRE-TTY strong :-p. And, well, she is just so laid back and lazy! She is awesome. I would propose to her if I was a guy. (And get rejected)...

She can control the boundaries of anything that exists and that doesn't exist. In other words, she can easily nullify any other character's ability.

Yukari is the Boom! She is just so strong. Her power of controlling boundaries is awesome, and I love how she acts like she knows EVERYTHING. This girl is unstoppable!


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4 Flandre Scarlet Flandre Scarlet

Most abilities in touhou are very complex but flandre's ability is simply put. She has the ability to destroy absolutely anything just by squeezing her hand how awesome is that! To top it off she's a vampire which means her physical abilities are super advanced as well. When U.N. was her starts to play run.

I don't think some people really like Flandre, just her song and fandom interpretation. She is NOT crazy and does NOT want anybody's blood or insides! She's weird but CANONICALLY rarely angry! Powerful people are not necessarily a murderer. Yuyuko is an example of this. Fandom is going too far with her, she is 'kinda nuts' but not bipolar or insane. And her song is SO overrated, I bet half the people who voted for her like her song more than her.

Flandre is so cute! Though she is crazy, she makes you think of a crazy, adorable, little sister. She is really cool too! Her wings are colorful and beautiful, her hat is cute, and her dress is so adorable! Please more votes for Flan-Chan!

Flandre has gotta be the cutest character in 2hu besides Kisume. I love her childish-but-killer demeanor, and she has, like most other touhous, a very well designed personality. - JustMonika

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5 Reisen Udongein Inaba

Reisen has been my favorite touhou for a while! - JustMonika

Yep, she's red eyed. And she can make everyone mad. She is LUNATIC!

Loli bunny is best bunny. - HarunaKaiNi

Does she even have a personality? She seems quite lackluster compared to other stage 5 characters (Sakuya, Youmu, Sanae, Seija) in abilities too...

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6 Sakuya Izayoi

Maids who are fighting with many knives and stops the time to make her work? Approved!

Stopping time while throwing knives seems like it has some relation to real life and her stylistic approach to it makes it all the better.

Time manipulation, serious attitude, and being a maid make for one hell of a great character. Why is she #10? Because Yukari is a sore loser, that's why!

DA BEST GIRL. 11/10. - JustMonika

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7 Alice Margatroid

Her canon personality is awesome, unlike the tsundere one in fanon. Alice is one of the most badass character, she didn't even use her full skill yet. Beside, shanghei and hourai really add some bonus.

I like her personality and her dress she is very beautiful and I like her dolls they are very cute! : 3

What a cute girl having such powerful power!

I proudly ship AliMari. - JustMonika

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8 Cirno

We all know why shes so adorable.

We need her in 9th place. She's the breast!

She is the strongest fairy!


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9 Remilia Scarlet

Incredibly powerful vampire who's relatively harmless. Light-hearted girl who can be very serious when necessary. Septette for the Dead Princess. All you arguments were just made invalid.

She's the charismatic vampire mistress of the scarlet devil mansion. That's pretty cool in my opinion. Also she is very cute.

She can manipulate fate itself how awesome is that

The touhou verison of satan

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10 Patchouli Knowledge

She have the ability to manipulate 7 elements, while only 5 of them is enough to create life on earth. And just with 5 elements, "Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign: Philosopher's Stone" has already been one of the most powerful spellcard in the game. If she didn't have poor health / physical abilities, think what will happen if she's able to research and really cast an amazing 7-element spell? She's the best witch / magician in my opinion, far more powerful than Marisa and Alice. I mean... without her casual asthma

Not trying to sound rude but why is she so popular? I mean I don't dislike her but compared to characters she's put together with in fandom like Marisa or Alice, she's pretty shallow in character.

Patchy is just plain awesome. She's almost like me:
Doesn't have a life, likes science (magic counts as science right? ), and is absolutely hopeless at all physical activities!

love her

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The Newcomers

? Narumi Yatadera

I dunno, she's just really cute. I like her big 'ol hat.

? Yasaka Kanako

My Snakey Milf/Goddess

My snake goddess~

The Contenders

11 Utsuho Reiuji

She has the power of NUCLEAR FUSION. And she has an awesome design, and is probably the hardest non-extra boss.

She is one of the hardest to beat touhou bosses and has the power the use a atomic nuclear arm cannon... So pretty badass

Best theme, best design, best boss fight, plus she's crazy, evil, and uses NUCLEAR FUSION.

Best remixes, best art, best design and good character. And she's practically the only Touhou character that tried to take over the world. Oh, and she's a great main on Hisoutensoku.

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12 Youmu Konpaku

Who dislikes a half-ghost kid with swords?

No no, Youmu. You're the cutest person I've ever had.

Shes unbelievably cute.

Lil dandere loli. Gotta love her. - JustMonika

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13 Koishi Komeiji

I love her so much shes so cute.

Cute 14 girl I like her

I have Touhou Kobuto and I have Koishi Komeiji

Manipulating the subconcious damn

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14 Fujiwara no Mokou

Hottest touhou. (See what I did there? ) - JustMonika

Just an epic character.

She is immortal, and she can burn everything

She's an EX Boss of Imperishable Night incident.

And her Powers are god-like

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15 Mima

She is cute

16 Mizuhashi Parsee
17 Kotohime
18 Kaguya Houraisan

Immortal, playful and downright powerful. Kaguya's backstory may involve her being selfish but if you were a incredibly powerful, immortal moon princess; wouldn't you be too?

She is a princess and immortal. what can you ask more

Kaguya has one of the best history in touhou. She fled from the moon because she drank a forbidden potion, when men started to court her she made them do impossible thing, and has an infinite rivalry with Mokou, though she dosen't take it seriously.

Kaguya is an awesome immortal princess! With brilliant spellcards and a superb theme!

19 Byakuren Hijiri

One of my favorite characters; awesome backstory, probably one of the nicest characters in the series, and she's really pretty.

Byakuren is one of my favorite characters because: 1) She has one of the best themes in UFO, 2) She has a good backstory, what with her helping youkai and humans, 3) She is nice to almost everyone (No wonder they call her Saint! ), and 4) Her combat moves are really cool. I think my favorite spells from her are Great Magic (Devil's Recitation) and Heaven Sign (Great Trichiliocosm Master).

Female Zenyatta youkai is best youkai. - regularshowman

20 Medicine Melancholy
21 Yuyuko Saigyouji

Her power is almost the ultimate power of all. She can manipulate your life if she wants to, also she can control departed souls. She is almost invincible, due to the fact she is already dead, and thus can not be really wounded.
But also she has knowledge about the situation, she usually talk with nonsensical and bizarre remarks or overlook the obvius, but she really has an extraordinary amouunt of knowledge. Also she is cheerful and friendly.
Yuyuko to the win!

22 Shinki

The creator of Makai should be 1st.

Shinki, the creator of all things in makai(including alice margatroid),she destroying all things in makai

23 Suika Ibuki

When it comes to physical strength, she is pro. Like come on guys! Like if need be she could literally chuck a mountain at your face. And her ability is MANIPULATION OF DESTINY. Destiny kids. Destiny. I'm honestly super offed she hasn't gotten more votes :c

How come two of some of my favorite characters in fiction have Ibuki in the name? Damn son

Our little drunk oni - she's just too cute

Suika is incredibly strong. Being able to control density, she could just spread herself as mist in whole Gensokyo. In matters of raw strength, her power is unmatched.

I also love her chill character. She's not the type of person that get's mad, she just really loves her sake.

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24 Komachi Onozuka

Since my first encounter with her my life has only known peace - failure

I just like scythes and her slacking style is really cool.

25 Sekibanki
26 Aya Shameimaru

What 27th place

27 Yuuka Kazami
28 Sumireko Usami
29 Tenshi Hinanawi

I think her hair is amazing and she is very strong and tough and she is very powerful she should be 2th

Bratty Celestial that wants to run rampant? Sign me up!

30 Seija Kijin


31 Nitori Kawashiro

Best girl in my opinion

32 Suwako Morija

A really cute little loligod and I like frogs

What, why suwako is 23rd, she should be minimum in top 10.

33 Satori Komeiji

The Kirby of the Touhou series (except she doesn't eat creatures to copy their moves) and super awesome!

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34 Tewi Inaba
35 Hata no Kokoro

I don't know, Hata no Kokoro is just really interesting..

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36 Shiki Eiki


37 Hecatia Lapislazuli

Simply put, the ruler of not one, but three different hell dimensions. As this would potentially put her above at least one other goddess on this list, I felt it a shame to leave her off!

It was actually said by ZUN that she is the strongest character in Touhou.

38 Renko Usami

Come on. Flandre is overrated as hell. Why not give your love to Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn? If you've listened to the music CDs, you'd know that their themes are just so flipping awesome, and they themselves are just, agh, SO GOOD! They really deserve the attention of the fandom, they're really less popular than Rumia and Wriggle in the popularity polls. The Secret Sealing Club is slightly mysterious, pretty fun, and there are times where they seem quite badass. <3

39 Sanae Kochiya
40 Rin Kaenbyou
41 Anata Kokoro
42 Shinmyoumaru Sukuna
43 Chen


Chen is just cute - and a cat -> a cute catgirl!

44 Hong Meiling

The Gatekeeper of Scarlet Devil Mansion. Also called 'China'. She is professional on Martial Arts. But She is sleep while on the duty sometimes.

45 Mononobe no Futo

Her pre-fight pose in Hopeless Masquerade is funny and cool. I also like how she talks, and how she acts. They're so goofy and cute.

46 Motsubisha
47 Kana Anaberal
48 Lyrica Prismriver

My lil poltergeist keyboardist <3

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