Top Ten Touhou Characters

The top ten most liked characters from every Touhou Game.

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21 Yuyuko Saigyouji

Her power is almost the ultimate power of all. She can manipulate your life if she wants to, also she can control departed souls. She is almost invincible, due to the fact she is already dead, and thus can not be really wounded.
But also she has knowledge about the situation, she usually talk with nonsensical and bizarre remarks or overlook the obvius, but she really has an extraordinary amouunt of knowledge. Also she is cheerful and friendly.
Yuyuko to the win!

22 Suika Ibuki

When it comes to physical strength, she is pro. Like come on guys! Like if need be she could literally chuck a mountain at your face. And her ability is MANIPULATION OF DESTINY. Destiny kids. Destiny. I'm honestly super offed she hasn't gotten more votes :c

How come two of some of my favorite characters in fiction have Ibuki in the name? Damn son

Our little drunk oni - she's just too cute

Suika is incredibly strong. Being able to control density, she could just spread herself as mist in whole Gensokyo. In matters of raw strength, her power is unmatched.

I also love her chill character. She's not the type of person that get's mad, she just really loves her sake.

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23 Komachi Onozuka

Since my first encounter with her my life has only known peace - failure

I just like scythes and her slacking style is really cool.

24 Shinki

The creator of Makai should be 1st.

Shinki, the creator of all things in makai(including alice margatroid),she destroying all things in makai

25 Sekibanki
26 Yuuka Kazami
27 Aya Shameimaru

What 27th place

28 Sumireko Usami
29 Tenshi Hinanawi

I think her hair is amazing and she is very strong and tough and she is very powerful she should be 2th

Bratty Celestial that wants to run rampant? Sign me up!

30 Suwako Morija

A really cute little loligod and I like frogs

What, why suwako is 23rd, she should be minimum in top 10.

31 Seija Kijin


32 Tewi Inaba
33 Shiki Eiki


34 Nitori Kawashiro
35 Satori Komeiji

The Kirby of the Touhou series (except she doesn't eat creatures to copy their moves) and super awesome!

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36 Hecatia Lapislazuli

Simply put, the ruler of not one, but three different hell dimensions. As this would potentially put her above at least one other goddess on this list, I felt it a shame to leave her off!

It was actually said by ZUN that she is the strongest character in Touhou.

37 Hata no Kokoro

I don't know, Hata no Kokoro is just really interesting..

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38 Renko Usami

Come on. Flandre is overrated as hell. Why not give your love to Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn? If you've listened to the music CDs, you'd know that their themes are just so flipping awesome, and they themselves are just, agh, SO GOOD! They really deserve the attention of the fandom, they're really less popular than Rumia and Wriggle in the popularity polls. The Secret Sealing Club is slightly mysterious, pretty fun, and there are times where they seem quite badass. <3

39 Sanae Kochiya
40 Rin Kaenbyou
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