Top Ten Tourist Attractions In India


The Top Ten

1 Backwaters of Kerala
2 The Taj Mahal, Agra
3 Churches and beaches in Goa

The most happening beach city

4 Tourist Spots in Kashmir
5 Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

It's a such a beautiful place

6 Darjeeling,west bengal

It is actually underrated, the QUEEN OF HILLS must be at least in the top3...
Anyone who comes up to darjeeling nver wants to return. TEA, TIMBER AND TOURISM... OR you CAN SAY DARJEELING., A PLACE TO BE VISETED BY EVERYONE at least ONCE IN A LIFETIME.

It's the most beautiful place.. The hills the sun.. The Kanchunjanga... And I have memories there.. One should visit this beautiful place and experience the beauty

7 Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
8 Munnar, Kerala
9 North Sentinel Island North Sentinel Island
10 Mumbai, Maharashtra

The Contenders

11 Hyderabad

Hyderabad has rich cultural history and heritage, evident in its unique and marvelous monuments, offers a blend of old cultural and modern entertainment tourist attractions

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12 Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu
13 Sikkim
14 Puri, Odisha V 1 Comment
15 Dev Bhoomi - Uttarakhand

Its the most beautiful place in the world filled with pious feelings.

16 Mysore Palace, Karnataka

A very rich palace in India and also 500 year old a beautiful dravida architectural very big palace

17 Visakhapatnam

It has a history. One of the best beach road in Asia. beach is so awesome aruku is the most beautiful place in India I think second Tokyo city of world

18 Ajanta

Very old but still bright painting of an ancient civilization, spreading the message of universal BroSisHood, Justice and Equality of the great Budhdha.

19 The Golden Temple
20 Akshardham Temple
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