Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Paris

Hello! I haven't made a list in ages, I'm sorry that I haven't been active much. So Paris is home to some of the world's most amazing and popular tourist attractions and sites. I went to Paris a few months ago and I absolutely loved the experience. So here is the list of the great tourist attractions in Paris.

The Top Ten

1 The Eiffel Tower
2 The Louvre
3 Notre-Dame de Paris
4 Arc de Triomphe
5 Palace of Versailles

Note: Although the Palace of Versailles is located in the town of Versailles and not in Paris, I still included it on the list because it's a magnificent historical palace, and is very popular with tourists. - ivylee

6 Tuileries Garden
7 Musée d'Orsay
8 Panthéon
9 Champs-Élysées
10 Jardin du Luxembourg

The Contenders

11 Jardin d'Acclimatation

The French live show was soft debut in 1997.

It returned in 2003 by Sarcos.

Les Végétaloufs en Concert is a French live show from 1998-2001 that the characters are puppets by Dollywood, and then in 2002-2006 the show will perform once more and the characters are replaced by audio animatronics by Sarco.

12 Futuroscope

I can't wait to see Les Piwis at the kids' center!

I can't wait to go on three parks at Futuroscope! 😁

13 Disneyland Paris
14 La Grande Récré
15 King Jouet
16 Gulli Parc
17 Aquamundo
18 Aquaboulevard
19 Piscine Municipale Armand Massard
20 Le Champ de Mars
21 Aquarium de Paris
22 Parc Zoologique
23 Jardin des plantes
24 Le Parc des Felins
25 L'Arche Feline
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