Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Washington D.C.

Ah yes Washington D.C. the capital of the US. There’s a lot of cool things to see here ranging from monuments and memorials to the White House. Here’s a few of the best attractions in Washington D.C

The Top Ten

1 The White House

One of the most iconic buildings in the city. Regardless if you love or despise whoever is office it’s cool that you can at least get a glimpse of where almost every president has gotten to live while in office - Randomator

2 Lincoln Memorial

A pretty iconic structure that has a flight of stairs leading up to a giant statue of Abraham Lincoln himself surrounded by pillars. - Randomator

3 Washington Monument

Yep you can walk to the top. - 2storm

I’ve never actually been to this one but I believe you can go inside of it - Randomator

4 Martin Luther King Jr Memorial

This one is really cool looking because it’s Martin Luther King carved from a stone. It’s definitely unique compared to the other memorials - Randomator

5 National World War II Memorial

This memorial is kinda big but it’s really interesting because there’s two arches and in the middle is a fountain and it’s surrounded by pillars. This one looks really cool at night with all the lights - Randomator

6 Vietnam Veterans Memorial

This memorial is really interesting because it’s basically a giant retaining wall yet it has all the veterans who died in the war engraved on it - Randomator

I actually seen this but not in DC they presented this in Minneapolis Minnesota for a week or 2 but it’s very interesting to see - RawIsgore

7 Vietnam Women's Memorial

It’s not much but it’s nice that there’s something to honor and remember the women who served in the war - Randomator

8 Korean War Veterans Memorial

The war that history forgot its nice to see that not everyone has forgotten the brutal conflict - RawIsgore

This one is interesting because there’s a bunch of statues of soldiers it’s definitely unique compared to all the other memorials - Randomator

9 FedExField


10 Tomb of the unknown soldier

So this one is actually in Arlington National Cemetery and it’s dedicated to the soldiers whose remains are unidentified what’s unique about this one is there’s a tomb Guard who will do a routine which is interesting to watch - Randomator

The Contenders

11 Smithsonian Museums

While they aren’t actually Monuments or memorials there are multiple museums that you can visit ranging from Air and space history to art to history of certain cultures. - Randomator

12 The National Archives

The place where you can the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of rights - RawIsgore

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