Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India

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1 Kerala

Simply because it suits the needs of every type of traveler. Historical places, hill stations, backwaters, exotic beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, boats, landscape, geographical location, 365 days a year greenery, awesome climate. I can go on and on.

Gods own country. Kerala is truly a paradise on earth. It has got all elements that a tourist will enjoy.

Named as one of the ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveler.


2 Goa

The place where all the frustration is migration to relaxation...
Lovely place!

Nice to see every corner of Goa.

I love goa and nothing like goa

Goa my favorite...

3 Agra

A very good place in which we have a symbol for love

I love agra more than my city Agra is the city of mughal and city of love

It's a very lovly place and we have a symbol for love


4 Kanyakumari

Swamy vivekaanantha memorial and 2000 years old poet author thiruvalluvar statue also there

Beautiful and fantastic place

The sunrise and sunset in Kanniyakumari is very famous.

Beautiful and peaceful place

5 Assam

The unexplored and most authentic scenic beauty along with historical monuments which is completely different from other Indian states, various flora & fauna again not found in other parts of India, the one horn rihno, various local birds, the jatinga bird sanctuary, the shakteepeeth Kamakhya.. World's largest river the Brahmaputra.. Assam is a mini India and whole state is a cosmopolitan one with more than 200 ethnic groups along with their vast culture, festivals etc etc.. You can find both India and the whole south east asia in this part of the country.

Its diverse culture and ethnic cuisines will mesmerize you. Its greenery is greener than any other place. There is so much to explore which are still unknown to the outside world.

A place rich in culture, not to mention the natural beauty full of greenery, the famous Maa Kamakhya's temple, the one-horned Rhino nowhere to be found in any part of the world and so more to explore.

When it comes to natural beauty, no other place can match the class of Assam. From the world's largest river island Majuli to the world's smallest river island Umananda.. everything you will get here!

6 Jaipur

This is a beautiful city, with an electic mix of culture, modern life and handicrafts!

It is a very beautiful city in the world.

Very very beautiful city in the world

A historical place

7 Mysore Mysore, officially renamed as Mysuru, is the third most populous city in the state of Karnataka, India.

Very unique small and pollution free city and mysore palace is best

No. 1 cleaned and coolest city of India

Clean and fresh environment city

A well cultural city in India

8 Delhi

It is capital of India which is gratest country in world.

9 Ooty

This is fantastic. Outstanding. Mind blowing. Place ever in the world

No words to tell about ooty a very good place in all over the world

Ooty, located in the Nilgiri hills is a beautiful hill station

I like ooty 4 those who lv Hills and cool areas must visit

10 Darjeeling

If anybody want to go in paradise then he should must go in Darjeeling specially Tiger hill.

Beautiful hill station in West Bengal

Beautiful place to enjoy

A very soulful place!

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11 Hyderabad

Hyderabad the pearl city is an important culural center in the country

All wes best place

12 Chennai

Chennai is the best city to enjoy the traditions and cultures of India and to get a sneak peak on the country's developing factors.

Marina beach the second largest beach in the world located here

Chennai is best place in the world

Chen nai ohhh very nice place

13 North Sentinel Island
14 Bangalore

Well planned city & a good respective educated people

One of the finest city in India and most importantly a famous IT hub of MNC's.

Known as "city of gardens"

Bangalore, the place where heaven lands, coolest weather aewsome people and the music scene here is the bes :D

15 G. B. Road, New Delhi

Its to good place

16 Mumbai

Those who like metropolitan and and wanna see Foreign of India must visit

Mumbai financial city in India and Bollywood

Great mags polis support the whole country

Mumbai is a best tourism

17 Chandigarh
18 Kolkata

I like this city very much

this city is the best because of its history

19 Kashmir

Great place to visit during season it paradise on earth

20 Mangalore

Still a cosmopolitan city.. Despite sangh parivar goons spoiing the atmosphere..

Mangalore is a good tourist place in Karnataka.

Mangalore is best culcher aria in India

A very good place in Karnataka

21 Dehradun

Amazing city... Scenic beauty is mind blowing... People are also very humble and helpful... I am not from this city.. I am from Mumbai.. But I love this city... Truly amzaing

I glad when visit dehradu.

22 Udaipur

One of the best city in india.

Best city and to be in top 5.

This is awesome place

23 Nainital

Nainital wakyee mein behad khubsirat,cool and scenic place's one of most popular hill stations of is awesome,mind blowing,gorgeous.I like it.

24 Cherrapunjee
25 Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Island in Bay of Bengal known as "Emrald islands"

Its called 'THE UNTOUCHED PARADISE' and it is!.. No pollution. Polite people.
There is variety..

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