Top 10 Tourist Destinations In India


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41 Imphal
42 Varanasi

The oldest city in the world,
Holy place

43 Gujarat

One n Only place of the world where you can see the Asian lions..
Amazing place

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44 Chitrakoot

Very nice place, good people, No Pollution. it's a historic place... God Ram stayed here for 12 years during vanvaas

45 Palakkad
46 Karnataka

Number 1 Indian tourist place

Nice places over there

47 Madikeri
48 Pune
49 Ladakh

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? None of the voters have been to Ladakh I guess. I can't believe even my own city Lucknow is placed above it. Ladakh is the most beautiful place I've seen after covering almost all places in India (barring the islands). Everywhere you look you're astounded by the magnificent hills, valleys, snow covered peaks, desserts and rivers, and not to forget the heavenly pangong lake

Most beautiful city in India

50 Amritsar
51 Anandpur Sahib
52 Matheran

Pollution free place... No vehicle available in Matheran

53 Mahabaleshwar
54 Bodh Gaya

Worlds bettor religion for humanity is BUDDHISM.And its Main Location.

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55 Manali
56 Khajjiar

I m sure none of yall have heardof this place... It is called MINI Switzerland. I can't even explain the beauty of the landscapes there... Just search for the pics on Google... More than sure you would plan a tour once u look at the pictures of the place (Best time to visit - December)

57 Khajuraho Group of Monuments
58 Nagpur
59 Kolhapur

Its pleasant place...Mahalaxmi temple, Rankala lake, old palace, new palace, panhala fort, jotiba temple lots of places u can see here.

60 Konkan

Its really too good to visit this place...

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