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1 Habits (Stay High)

Best Tove Song ever - Ark-M

I loved the remix one. It's better than the original.

This is what we called a song - wisnups01

I love it

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2 Talking Body

The true cracker. Emotions Along with Pure lust. Mixture=THE BEST... - Ark-M

Love this song so much its unique and amazing! - Cartermd

The chorus always makes me wanna dance

Amazing song

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3 Got Love V 2 Comments
4 Not on Drugs

I love this song very very very very very very very very very much...

5 Thousand Miles

This song is just so powerful, yet still so vulnerable, and so so so beautiful!

Such a powerful vocal performance- as soon as the chorus kicks in, it's one to remember

Love the lyrics it's so relatable

This song it's just unreal

6 Out of Mind

I cry every time I hear this.. :( :( - Ark-M

This song is awesome. I love how intense and emotional it is. Altogether it sounds really creative and cool. So glad it's part of Truth Serum and (Deluxe) Queen of the Clouds.

This is an absolutely amazing song. I can play this song again and again and again and never get tired of it!

7 Heroes

This song is too amazing!...I always listening this song and never bored or tired it!...

This is gotta b #1 man. So amazingly inspirational. "We could be HEROES" - Ark-M

Anyway... This is her best collaboration - wisnups01

I never knew this song was by Tove Lo.

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8 Love Ballad
9 Moments

I love the chorus it just makes me dance

I just love the meaning behind it. I can relate to it a lot,and also the beat is nice.

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10 Paradise

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? Hey You Got Drugs?
? Struggle

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11 Timebomb
12 Run on Love V 1 Comment
13 Strangers
14 Cool Girl

A fresh, interesting track.

Pretty amazing - wisnups01

Cool! - mood333

15 True Disaster

This song gives me chills. The lyrics mixed with such reverbed bass line and kicks. The lucid synths add more wonders to it!

Can't stop listening to it. It's my new jam.

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16 My Gun
17 Crave V 1 Comment
18 Over

This song is great. One of her best if not best - PatrickStar

19 Imaginary Friend Imaginary Friend
20 Scars


Great song

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1. Habits (Stay High)
2. Talking Body
3. Not on Drugs
1. Talking Body
2. Habits (Stay High)
3. Heroes

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