Swellow Reviews - Habits (Stay High)

Swellow Tove Lo is an underrated artist, but a lot of people don't really like her. Habits is one example. It's not as good as some songs, but it's meaning is misinterpreted; It's about a breakup with a boyfriend, and she is trying to keep her calm no matter what way it takes. Sure, it's clich├ęd, but you can ignore that part. The problem? People think it's about her getting high on drugs or alcohol, and that's why most avoid it. Instead, I'll review the song instead.

Lyrics - The lyrics are strange, but they add to the theme of the song. Even if they were somewhat strange, just a reminder they are about how she wants to keep her cool. I'll rate them 6/10. She improved a lot when it came to Love Me Like You Do, however. (Fun fact - That song was written by her)

Vocals - Tove Lo has a pretty decent and unique voice, even if she clogs up on the high notes. It fits the breakup theme pretty well, and is much more cooler than Talking Body. 8/10.

Beat - The beat is also decent, and it fits the theme just as well as the vocals. 8/10.

And that's it. I'll rate it a 8.5/10. Wasn't too shabby, but Tove Lo has proven to be a good new female artist, and one of the first ones in a while.


I actually agreed with this, even the rating (unless my Billboard ranking proves me wrong). I give this a decent 4/5 (equivalent to about an 8.5/10), and I actually think Tove Lo is marginally talented. *listens to Talking Body*...you know what nevermind. - WonkeyDude98