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1 Bloons Tower Defense 5

This has been my favorite tower defense game of my life I start playing in 2012 - Minecraftisawesone

So Kids Friendly

2 Plants vs. Zombies V 1 Comment
3 Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
4 Kingdom Rush

Kingdom rush is much better than Bloons or any other game. Yes I played Bloons and Bloons last longer because it's like Clash of Clans, you fight other people. I like Bloons and think it's a great game but Kingdom Rush has the action. You're more involved with Kingdom rush and you only have 4 basic towers that can be upgraded into 8. This has the most action out of any other tower defense game other than Kingdom Rush Frontiers. But, Kingdom rush Frontiers heroes are less involved and with people only using 2 or 3 heroes and not buying the other heroes and it's pretty much the same thing but doesn't stop Frontiers being a really great game.

5 Dungeon Defenders
6 Orcs Must Die!
7 Bloons Tower Defense

Kicks plants vs zombies ass

I love Bloons Tower Defense, but PVZ is better.

8 Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time

Like the first one, but with more worlds and time travel. However, unlike the first one, you have to buy some plants with real money, and there is a stupid premium currency(gems).

9 Defense Grid: The Awakening
10 Sanctum 2

The Contenders

11 PixelJunk Monsters
12 Protector
13 Vector TD
14 Demon Defence
15 Bloons Tower Defense 4
16 Bloons Monkey City
17 Bloons Tower Defense Battles
18 Bloons Tower Defense 3
19 Desktop Tower Defense
20 GemCraft Labyrinth
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