Top Ten Best Town of Salem Roles to Play As

Town of Salem is a popular browser game. The best thing about it? The roles.

A list of the roles: Jester, Jailor, Serial Killer, Janitor, Mafioso, Investigator, Sheriff, Mayor, Medium, Transporter, Veteran, Vigilante, Werewolf, Executioner, Witch, Bodyguard, Doctor, Godfather, Arsonist, Amnesiac, Consigliere, Consort, Escort, Retributionist, Disguiser, Spy, Survivor, Lookout, Framer, and Blackmailer.

The Top Ten

1 Jailor

It's awesome that you can not only jail someone and possibly execute them, but you can keep a prisoner safe such as the mayor. The only down side is that if you execute a town member, you won't be able to execute anymore

I love This Role because I kill the people I jail Every single time

The Jailor can execute anyone if they seem suspicious while talking to them at night. - Leopardclaw

Such a great role, no downsides without being too OP, and all around awesome.

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2 Witch

Being a witch is definitely not boring. Witches can make players kill themselves, make players kill each other, etc. - Leopardclaw

With the new feature for the Witch. You can make people kill themselves, make them help you, & find out their roles.

After the buff, witch can now see other people's roles which makes it even more op!

Love this role to death, but in all honesty it needs a buff.

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3 Jester

This is my favorite role. Of the 13 times that I've played it, I won 10 and one another after getting bit by a vampire. It is very funny when you claim something that is obviously wrong and watch the town lynch you.

While a Jester is sometimes annoying, it's a fun role to play as. Trying to get yourself lynched by the Town and then killing one of the guilty voters is very entertaining. - Leopardclaw

Fun to trick the town and watch them lynch you

It's always super fun to watch when a tricky tactic works INSTANTLY.

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4 Werewolf

Night immunity, and your attacks go through others' night immunity? Overpowered. Makes you unkillable if you stay quiet and away from the lynching post. Best character in my opinion and there's also the multi kill feature. Amazing combo with a witch if the witch leads targets to you.

It may be hard to win as, but that time you have to play as it is more intense, and more fun than what you would get with any other role

I gotta say, it's hard to win with... But, with the short time that you have, every second is the best! I love playing this role

This is probably my second favourite role, It's very hard to win but I like the fact that you can kill like 5 people 1rst night

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5 Mayor

Isn't it the best when you get a jailor, doctors and bodyguards protecting you, get to be in the center of attention, influence decisions and get three votes? You get to force people to tell you their role through whispers, and you get to tell the town who you suspect and most of the time, they'll listen to you. The most fun role if you aren't playing with an idiot town!

Just three more votes and that person will be on the stand! The Mayor's vote counts for three people. - Leopardclaw

Being able to control the whole game is the best thing in the whole game.

Worst role ever, can't wait for the new update

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6 Serial Killer

Sadistic is the way to go, like this comment just to show

Serial Killer is the best killing role!

My 5th favourite role, it's like werewolf but worse

Being immune at night makes you feel safer as a Serial Killer (SK for short). Serial Killers kill one person each night. - Leopardclaw

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7 Veteran

Veterans have 3 alerts, which they use in case someone visits them. Then, a Veteran will kill the possible Mafia and/or other attackers. - Leopardclaw

Always Go on Alert the First Night

Vet is OP if you get it right. Once Town won the game because both maf and ww attacked vet and he killed them all. Really its if you can lure the maf to come to you.

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8 Amnesiac

Who am I? The next night: oh right, I was Dexter the serial killer

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9 Blackmailer

Who doesn't love silencing people? Blackmailers can mute someone so that that person doesn't speak the next day. It helps to keep them from revealing the Mafia. - Leopardclaw

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10 Consigliere

The Consigliere is one of my favorite roles because in the late game you can be pretty much omniscient.

My favorite role. Claiming invest and watching the town do whatever you say is exciting beyond belief.

Consigilere just provides so much power for not being the godfather. With it just giving you your exact role, it just makes it overpowered in gameplay.

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The Contenders

11 Transporter

Last townie alive? Better be a transporter. They can win by themselves against the whole mafia.

Transporter is MOST powerful town role, as they can protect themself, protect other towns and get any mafia easily.

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12 Arsonist

All you have to do is douse someone each night, then ignite yourself for the finale! Arsonists can douse as many people as they want and then they can kill all of them with one click. The downside to this happens if there's more than one Arsonist. Somehow, an Arsonist can die from being doused and ignited at the same time even if it's the first night. - Leopardclaw

Night immunity? Check. Mass murder? Double check. FIRE? Check check check McCheckity check! While this is a pretty hard role to win as, it's probably one of the most entertaining. You're a threat to everyone, and I mean everyone. Other Arsonists and even Witches. Besides, who doesn't like burning their enemies alive?

Its fun killing multiple people at one night

Definitely AMAZINNGG. I use all of my town points on scrolls for this!

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13 Godfather

The Godfather is immune, he chooses who dies, AND has a whole family to support him.

Godfather is hands-down best role in Town of Salem. It can kill, immune at night, won't show up suspicious, has a miniature army, and can influence the other maf's.

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14 Executioner

It's So cool because you get to Hang People

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15 Survivor

In my opinion, I HATE SURVIVOR. No one ever believes you even if you tell them over and over again that you are survivor. You only have 4 bullet proof vests at night which is pretty stupid.

My favorite since you announce night 1 and hope for the best. I love getting that whisper from mafia near the end asking me to join them.

This is my favorit role. It's so nice that don't have any pressure on you

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16 Spy

I love reading in on Mafias conversations it's so funny when they think no one is listening. It also gives you a good chance to predict what they are going to do and warn a bodyguard or jailor to protect that person.

It's just so fun, seeing mafia messages and reading whispers. #2 is jailor in my opinion

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17 Doctor
18 Investigator

How could so little people vote for this role. I love this role so much. Maybe people don't like having knowledge about what roles people are. Just like the Consigliere they will most likely know what role everyone has.

Why is this so low it one of the best Town investigative roles in my opinion it's exactly like a consigliere just weaker

How is this below disguiser, aka the worst role?

19 Bodyguard

Being the Bodyguard you get to save someone AND kill your opponent. This role helps the town greatly - Addidas

Saving people is real nice, while also putting them on ice

I love this role to bits, an amazing role because you plant yourself in front of an important target and the mafia/sk have to work there way around you

20 Disguiser

This role is so weak, if someone disguises as someone else all the town member has to do is wright their REAL name in their will, Boom, RIP disguiser, what would make this role better is if disguiser was combined with janitor execpt maybe let the town the persons role. But there are some times where I'm stuck with an idiot town and I'm disguised as and I leave my name in the will but they ignore it.

Disguisers swap roles with someone and their character dies as the swapped player. - Leopardclaw

It's my favourite role! You can steal all the trust someone has!

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