Top Ten Best Town of Salem Roles to Play As


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21 Medium V 1 Comment
22 Consort

I love this role because they kept it nice and simple. I love that about some roles. Like the framer as well. And its just so fun to play as Mafia!

23 Lookout V 1 Comment
24 Vampire

It's so rare to be in a game but I love vampire, specifically when I'm confirmed town and I turn into one.

I'm a biter, not a fighter

Really, who doesn't love making an army of their own? Beautiful, right?!

It takes proven townies and turns them against their former friends.
Can convert any townie, jesters, or in a pinch, the NB.
A detection-immune role that can choose its own teammates.

A role that can cherry pick the best roles and create a conspiracy so deep that no townie can be trusted, and the ones that can are picked off day by day...

And as long as no vampire dies, the town (and mafia) will suspect nothing...
That is, until it is too late.

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25 Vigilante

Too many retards play, and they always get This role, and they always shoot the mayor, otherwise 5/10

26 Doctor
27 Retributionist

Retributionist isn't the best role in my opinion because you can only revive one person and it doesn't really help you at all. It would make it a lot better if YOU could get a second chance at life and not someone else.

In my opinion It's the single most overpowered role in the game. You bring back (usually) an important role. That role is now 100% confirmed town and is being protected by doc/bg.. (basically a Mayor).

28 Janitor

This role is crazy for you to be able to clean a person and know their role is a good advantage for mafia as mafia members can claim cleaned townies

Why is this role so low? It should be second after Jailor

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29 Mafioso V 2 Comments
30 Escort

I like putting in my will stuff like:
N1: sexed up master chief a little

31 Framer

A Really Great Role Because You Can Trick Invest,And They Are Important

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32 Sheriff
33 Vampire Hunter

You get to go kill the vampires, and when they bite you, one of them dies. You can get up to two kills a night with this beast. Once the vampires are gone, you turn into a vigilante and get to shoot the mafia now. Double trouble. Mafia and vampires, be aware.

Oh, your job is to combat vampires? Nothing else? Lame

I actually like this and it turns me into a vigilante, I don't like it as much as vampire but it's probably like 3rd/4th

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