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1 Bag of weed and a smoking pipe

An eight-year-old in Chicago unfortunately found this in her Happy Meal. It included a bag of weed, a smoking pipe, and a lighter, which led to the police arresting a young man. The man was a former McDonalds employee who needed a place to hide away his stash of weed, and found a stack of Happy Meal boxes at the right of the Drive-Through.

Although this technically wasn't an official toy, it did end up in a poor girl's Happy Meal, so it probably counts, right? - Wolftail

I hope the little girl didn't smoke the weed. I'm not joking. - MusicalPony

This wasn't exactly a McDonalds toy, but it was still a horrible surprise to see it end up in someone's happy meal. - SheepBuggy

Its just ridiculous - Ihateschool

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2 Finding Nemo Jellyfish

This toy was in Burger King, and it's the jellyfish from Shark Tales, not Finding Nemo. But it still wasn't very much of a good toy. The toy was shaped like a dildo, and was covered in purple.. Stuff.. - SheepBuggy

This looked nothing like the jellyfish in Fining Nemo. It's appearance was slightly disturbing to parents, and they wondered how it ever got approved in a McDonald's Happy Meal. - Wolftail

Turns out the jellyfish is from Shark Tale, not Finding Nemo. Also the toy happened to be sold at Burger King.

Actually, It Was Bernie And Earnie From Shark Tale - JPK

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3 Stepometers

In 2004, McDonalds released a healthy Happy Meal, called Go Active. It included a salad, water, and a booklet of exercises. In place of a toy was a plastic pedometer called a Stepometer which counted your steps. Too bad the only steps taken were from the restaurant back to the car. - Wolftail

To bad the only steps you took. We're from the restaurant, to the car... - nintendofan126

Its crazy its like they want to make kids healthy with a dumb toy McDonald's could be healthier if they go at least a tiny bit organic even the salads r fattening - Ihateschool

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4 Nature Watch

McDonalds melts coal to make these toys, which completely destroys nature. To make up for it, McDonalds tries to apologise by giving us natural toys like this. It's a 1/5 chance that kids like gardening. It was a complete failure to make toys like this. - SheepBuggy

This theme was made to promote children to go outside, and included a few plastic bits and pieces. But unless a child was an avid gardener (which was very unlikely) this served very little purpose. - Wolftail

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5 Ronald McDonald mask

Creepy, and useless. One of the most saddest Happy Meal toys ever. - Wolftail

(Sigh) when I saw this one, It might have been too small for the kids to where.

It looks like a face from a creepypasta - Ihateschool

Usless creepy, just like Wolftail - ShadowClanRocks

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6 Glove puppets

This was one of the first Happy Meals toys, and it wasn't even that good. It was just a plastic bag with a terrifying picture of Ronald McDonald or one of his mascot friends. Also, they were a suffocation and choking hazard. - Wolftail

McDonalds has made a lot of good toys (Especially in the early 80's and 90's.) so it'd be almost impossible to believe that THIS piece of garbage was one of McDonald's very first toys! Unbelievable! - SheepBuggy

Get it right with this one... the Glove puppets resemble... well, um, choking hazard.

7 Halloween pails

To be honest, these toys would be acceptable if they were released in October or anywhere near Halloween. But the thing is, this toy was made nowhere near Halloween.. Many kids would have thought ''Oh hey! I can go trick or treating! "' and it'd be hard to explain to your child that you can't go Trick or Treating yet since it's not Halloween, children would be confused because they have a Halloween pail, but they can't go trick or treating with it since it's nowhere near Halloween.. It just leaves them waiting another 6 months. - SheepBuggy

When these came out, it was nowhere near Halloween. Really, really useless at that time of year when they were released. - Wolftail

Even qhen they do come out on Halloween when I used it I only went to 4 houses befire my bucket was full - Ihateschool

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8 Nutritional books

If McDonald's is the most unhealthy fast food restaurant in the world why does it have nutritional books

Yes, McDonalds once gave out books with their Happy Meals. These books were to promote healthy eating. - Wolftail

Yes McDonald's is so hypocritical. - Ihateschool

I go to mcdonalds every day so I don't need nutrition is mcdonalds calling me fat I can't beliveve this I'm am now going to die because of my 400 pound life

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9 American Idol MP3 Player

It only played one short song, the American Idol theme song, over and over again. Enough to drive a person insane. So technically, it wasn't an MP3 player at all. - Wolftail

Haha take it to school drive teacher crazy I WANT ONE

I don't hate this one, but it plays only one song...

This toy makes me happy American Idol got canceled - Ihateschool

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10 McDonaldland Airport

These toys would be okay if they had a hole in the plain so you can put toys in it.. It'd be entertaining for kids, I guess. But it's literally just 1 piece of plastic shaped like a plane with a character on it. All one colour. McDonalds was lazy and crazy, so they left it all one colour and didn't even do a good paint job! - SheepBuggy

A series of toys consisting of one piece of plastic shaped like a plane. Useless. - Wolftail

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11 E.T. posters

They're already covered in grease? Sad meal...

I love E.T!

12 Clone Wars figure

Yoda is gonna get angry when he sees this.

Are you kidding me?! The heads of the characters are attached to the bodys of vehicles! Gimme a break! 😡 - Officialpen

13 White Castle Hammerman toothpaste

Toothpaste is anotjer item that tottally hypocrisies fast food restaurants - Ihateschool

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14 Happy Feet 2 Round and Sound
15 Play Dough mini packs
16 Micheal Jordon Fitness Fun

Michael Jordan would be pissed - Ihateschool

They did something similar in the Uk for the 2012 Olympics but based on the mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville. No good.

I Want This! :D

17 Multiplication machine V 1 Comment
18 Michael Bay Transformers

Still Better Than The Sequels - JPK

19 Teenie Beanie Boos

I have a regular size Surf the pink dolphin.

Awww! I only eat at McDonalds one or two times per year, but these things are adorable! I have the pink monkey, and my sister has Surf the pink dolphin!

20 Madame Alexander "OZ" Dolls

If you heard of this character, you can get it in you happy meal.

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