Top Ten Toys Found In McDonald's Happy Meals


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21 Fall Apart Rasputin
22 Shrek glasses

Isn't this a Wendy's toy I did get tjem though very dissapointef - Ihateschool

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23 Microscope
24 Hello Kitty Whistle
25 Minions V 2 Comments
26 American Tail Xmas Stockings
27 Avatar toys
28 Ronald McDonald doll
29 Michael Bay Transformers
30 Green Lantern buckets
31 My Little Pony

I like mlp in fact I'm a huge fan but the toys r ridiculous I got an Applejack once she smelled awful - Ihateschool

My Little Pony McDonalds toys were fine UNTIL.. It his 2016 and McDonalds decided to make MORE mlp toys! I'm fed up with McDonalds now.

It's nearly the 5th time they've made MLP toys. For some sick reason they decided to do it again. It just proves McDonalds are running out of ideas for toys. - SheepBuggy

32 Oh from Home

I have this! Oh is very cute and I have the surprised and dancing ones. - Officialpen

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33 Teenie Beanie Boos

Awww! I only eat at McDonalds one or two times per year, but these things are adorable! I have the pink monkey, and my sister has Surf the pink dolphin!

34 Lego Movie Cup
35 2001 Bionicle
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