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1 100m Sprint

I did Track and Cross Country, and I just find that having a balance between distance running AND very short distance is great for developing both skills alike, speed and distance. The 100m sprint is by far one of the hardest events. You have to be running full speed pretty much throughout the whole thing, without dying out, because if you die out it means you slow down and if you slow down then there's a likely chance of you getting passed and not placing highly, say 1st or 2nd. And it's helped me with Cross Country because at the end of an XC there's that chute, yeah well that's where it gets really competitive against the other athletes and despite you being dead from running three miles you need to gain back some energy quickly and sprint through that chute. And this past year of sprinting in Track will surely come in handy for my upcoming XC season. But the 100m is a very difficult event (I'm not a beginner either)

It's the one of the harder events beside the distance running. Most people think running 100m is easy. Well think again, because when you get on the track and see the people your running against they are vicious and ready to win. So you have 5 other people your against and we all want to place first. So no one slows down, we all sprint to our death.

This event is filled with beginners that think they are fast but aren't

My best event. So fun. Sprinters can show off their speed

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2 Long Jump

I do the long jump and it think it's the best event it's pretty difficult also more than you would think cause you have to have the speed of a sprinter and a very powerful push off and know the right technique and the timing has to be perfect

The Long Jump is a fun event during a track meet or competition. It is a unique way to compete and it is very different from other events. I love the long jump!

I love long jump because anyone can do it

I am a long jumper and we practice an hour everyday. First we start with pop-ups then a quick jog around the school, then we count steps. First we start with six steps, then eight. We stop there and start to focus on certain things so our attention isn't on the board. But when you jump in the air as high as possible with your arms helping you climb up, it makes me feel like I'm flying and I love it! ❤️❤️❤️

3 800m

Most all rounded event, pace, stamina, speed endurance all needed, basically a two lap sprint. sustained adrenaline. the greatest event of all time.

4 High Jump

It requires great acceleration, jumping ability, and technique. It doesn't get much better than jumping over a bar well over your head.

Hi jump is so fun if you know what your doing. It's cool to see the Physics that go in why people can jump the way they can over a bar.

You show of your hops and it feels like you're fling in the air.

5 Vertical Jump
6 Pole Vault

Pole Vault by far is the most thrilling event there is. The speed, complexity and degree of danger by far rank it above all.

Pole Vault is the best.

Insanely hard. The sprint of a 100 runner, the strength of shotput, and the agility of a gymnast? Should definitely be up near the top.

The best

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7 Marathon
8 200m Sprint

This race gives you more time to really push and go your fastest.

9 1600m

Most people ask how fast you can run a mile when they ask how fast you are, so this makes sure your fast. plus noting is better than ditance

The best event ever

10 4x400m Relay

By far the most fun event to watch and run in my opinion. Usually the last event, extremely fast, and filled with the adrenaline from the cheering of all teams.

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11 Hammer Throw
12 Triple Jump
13 400m Dash

Takes a lot of heart on that home stretch.

14 Discus

I find the facial expressions and the grunts rather amusing. - Britgirl

15 3200m
16 Javelin Throw
17 Shot Put

I don't know why its kinda boring

18 4x100m Relay

I do this relay too, but the people I do it with are so lazy. But I always finish off and catch up to be second or first. So I love this event too.

How is this so LOW?! It's one of the best events in which you hand the baton n run so fast.

19 55m Hurdles
20 50m Sprint
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