Best Tracks on Kendrick Lamar's Damn.


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1 Dna

This is lyrically his best song up to date and the best song of the year. 6/5 - AlphaQ

Best Lyrically by Far, when you think Damn this is what you think of

Songs so good, "I got I got I got".

Best - JosiahDBoss

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2 Duckworth

This is one of Kendrick's most introspective songs, and the most introspective on the album. He delves into the possibility that he may not have existed with a story of two men in Compton, both of whom are revealed to be Kendrick's two male role models and mentors.

Best song on the album

Decent tune


I love all the songs, but this is one of my favorites. It's got a great message, and all the sounds in the sounds are just amazing. How are there no other votes for this?

Kendrick's first verse is his best on the album

Love that beat switch

One of the most lyrically dense songs I have heard

that's a feat and a half for a 4m song.

4 Fear

This song is turning out to be my favorite song on the album. The third and fourth verse are some of Kendrick's most deep verses. - cjWriter1997

So great that this is Kendricks personal favourite track of all time, and who are we to disagree (plus it's really good)

5 Humble


6 Element

Definitely the best from the album! - UltimateCraig

Best song from him in this album.

Damned if you do if don't ya god damn us all if he want yaa


7 Pride

Amazing song to relax to with a great flow

8 Feel
9 Lust
10 Love

A straight up masterpeice

My favorite song from kl - JosiahDBoss

I “LOVE” it. See what I did there 😂

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11 Loyalty
12 God

Laughing to the bank like aaahaaa

13 Yah


14 Blood
15 Swimming Pools (Drank)

This isn't off of Damn... - MasonOcker

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