Tragic Things to Happen in the Kpop Industry

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1 Ladies Code Tragic Car Accident (9/3/2014)

In September 2014 the girl group ladies code went to Daegu to perform in an open concert they performed Kiss Kiss and Pretty Pretty In the early morning of September 3 2014 the rented van of the group had a terrible traffic collision and crashed into a concrete wall killing member Eunb instantly and severely injuring member Sojung & RiSe with RiSe having the most critical injury RiSe succumb to her injuries on September 7 2014 at around 10:10 (KST) Sojung Luckily survived and the group has made a comeback after a one year hiatus - AnonymousKpop

2 Swincle CEO Threatened By Manager (2011)
3 Baby KARA member commits suicide (2/25/2015)
4 Bob Girls Member Diagnosed with encephalitis (2015)
5 Girls Generation Member Jessica Jung Kicked out of the group (2014)
6 Chi chi Disbands and Evidence shows why (2013)
7 GLAM Member Dahee blackmails an actor (2014)
8 2ne1 Member Park Bom Scandals (2011-Present)
9 F(x) Member Sulli's Hiatus (2014)

That sucks that Sulli left F(x), she was awesome and a great singer, the group is not the same without Sulli.

10 Wanted Member Seo Jae Hwo Dies (2004)

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11 SHINee Member Jonghyun Commits Suicide (2017)

I don't know much about SHINee, but that was really sad. - RoseWeasley

12 Burning Sun controversy

Even your celebrity crush is capable of committing atrocities - yungstirjoey666

13 Goo Hara Committed suicide
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