Top Ten Best Trailer Park Boys Characters

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1 Ricky

Ricky, by far is the best character of the show, Bubbles is too overrated, Ricky was the best from Season 1 to season 11, No one even comes close, the whole show evolves around Ricky and the mobile, without ricky, trailer park boys wouldn't be possible to continue, Ricky is the most important character of the show, not bubbles

Always getting into trouble and is not afraid to shoot somebody - Jonerman

Doesn't care about anything & does whatever he has to do to make a living. Mangling up some of the English language is golden comedy!

Ricky is so funny. The words he comes up with & the way he pronounces certain words...such a dumbass...but gotta love him...

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2 Bubbles

The heart of the group! He lives in a shed with his kitties and does crime only because he wants to help his friends ricky and julian. he's kind shy and wears glasses that make his eyes look huge

Bubbles is so funny I don't know how he makes conky talk and also with his glasses he speaks funny like when bubbles said "Ricky I want my kitty back" and then ricky says "Frig off bubbles I'm keeping the cat"

"Feedin' the geese"

3 Mr. Lahey

The main antagonist of the boys. he's the trailer park supervisor/ ex cop who gets unimaginable drunk and wants to put the boys in jail.

How can Lahey not be the best character? The boys are players on Lahey's stage, he IS the park.

This guy is my favorite lol, he is such a riot, even when he's drunk off his ass, hahaa


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4 Julian

The brains and the muscle of the group who always and I mean always has a glass of rum and coke in his hand. don't you dare call him patrick swayze or he will kick your ass! He maybe ain't the funniest but he is the king of the park and everybody respects him that's why he's the best

5 J-Roc

Stereotypical wannabe rapper who will do anything for fame even get locked up in prison. he constantly says : you know what I'm saying. And has so many funny catchphrases

6 Randy

Randy Bobandy has to be the greatest character in the show. He is partners with Jim Lahey, and does anything to earn his respect. He loves cheeseburgers and smokes a ton of weed

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7 Ray

Ricky's father who's running a disability fraud and sits in a wheelchair living off a company he sued and all the money he spends is for drinking and gambling. he always gives ricky really dumb life lessons but ricky sees him as a genius

He is a classic. Loves his son and the booze equally. Takes everything in stride and never gets defeated even when his trailer is burned down and he is living in a dump buried in garbage

It's pretty obvious that "Way of The Road" and "Where In The F! @# Is Oscar Goldman? " are some of the top moments in the history of TPB... Ray is truly the pinnacle of the show, assisted by the cast's debauchery.

8 Cory and Trevor

Probably the dumbest ones in the park. they would do anything for ricky and julian even get locked up to save them. they are like slaves to ricky

9 Sarah
10 Cyrus

The main competition for the boys. he always carries a gun and has the same tune playing in his car when he shows up. he has a bit of a rivalry with julian but hates the rest of the boys also. safety on his gun is always off!

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11 Philadelphia Collins

Best character due to his bizzare nature. Mustard Tiger forever! RIP

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12 Jacob Collins
13 Sam Losco

Lost his veterinarian license because of the boys so that's why he hates them. everyone calls him cavemen and he smells really bad. he eventually teams up with Cyrus to take the boys down

"Sam, ya greasy caveman"

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15 Trinity

I like Trinity. She was always so strong minded yet with a great sense of humor "I don't know, The Motel, could be kind of cute, we can call him Mo" lol

16 Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg Cordozar Calvin Broadus, Jr., known professionally as Snoop Dogg, is an American rapper and actor from Long Beach, California.

Season 10 - Jonerman

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18 Lucy V 1 Comment
19 Don

The best new addition to the series. he/she is funny as hell

One of the best things about the new season. always love the second tier characters and don/donna is a fantastic addition. absolutely hilarious. lovin' the don

20 Donnie

The unseen character who always swears

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