Best Traits of Darth Vader


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1 He has an amazing voice

His voice is amazing. So deep and so amazing. - Therandom

Yes, that's why they got James Earle Jones to play him.

2 His suit

It is pretty cool. - Therandom

It's so original, intimidating and enough to send anyone running for the hills... just pure awesomeness right there.

3 His mask
4 He isn't completely heartless V 1 Comment
5 He is a good swordsmen despite being in the suit

He is pretty good. - Therandom

6 His relation to Luke
7 He was very competent

He could get things done. - Therandom

8 He was able to fight on par with Starkiller
9 He was still a good pilot in the suit
10 His iconic breathing

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11 His force abilities & physical strength

He was able to telekinetically throw objects at Luke Skywalker WITHOUT moving a muscle.. Not to mention that he choked Captian Keedah with ''mind" induced force choke over a video chat! Vader also had a lot more muscle power than the average man because his organic self had to lug around a heavy suit. Being able to duel efficiently and strike fear into your opponents is a trademark Sith attribute and Vader holds it well.

12 His strength
13 His height
14 His lightsaber
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1. He has an amazing voice
2. His suit
3. His mask



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