Top Ten Trance Songs By DJs

This list shows the top ten top 10 trance songs, but just those made from DJs.

The Top Ten

1 This Is What Is Feels Like - Armin Van Buuren

I knew that melody music king is avicii agressive house king is Calvin harris dubstep king is skrillex and trance king is armin van buuren

I got hooked sooo easily. A must listen trance.

This song is my life!
Armin is god of trance!

2 Adagio for Strings - Tiesto

It's the best track ever

Best classic track ever by tiesto this should be 1st... Unbelevable creation of DJ TiESTo

3 Strobe - Deadmau5

Seriously! Strobe at #3! This is the best song ever! It mite not quite be trance but this is the best song ever by the best dj ever. An absolute marsterpiece!

4 Steal You Away - Dash Berlin
5 Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5
6 Face to Face - Armin van Buuren
7 Intense - Armin Van Buuren
8 For an Angel - Paul Van Dyk
9 Joyenergizer - Sander Van Doorn
10 Koko - Sander Van Doorn

The Contenders

11 Silence (DJ Tiƫsto's in Search of Sunrise Remix) - Sarah McLachlan

It's almost impossible to choose between songs like Tuvan, Silence, Adagio for Strings, and For an Angel, but the general consensus is that Silence is slightly better than the rest and might as well be the greatest trance song ever made. Tiesto at his best.

The best trance track of all time

12 Out of the Blue - System F
13 Orbion - Armin Van Buuren
14 I Don't Own You - Armin Van Buuren
15 Wuxia - Mitchell Claxton
16 Becoming Insane - Infected Mushroom
17 Airwave - Rank 1

A classic but simply the best

18 Chasing Summers - Tiesto

One Of the Best Trance Song I have heard
And One of the Best By TIESTO...

19 Lunar - David Guetta

It gets me so high.

20 Mirage - Armin Van Buuren
21 Walk the Edge - Alex M.O.R.P.H.
22 Twice In a Blue Moon - Ferry Corsten

Awesome song just unbeleivable

23 Alone - Marshmello
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