Best Traps from the Home Alone Series


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1 Blowtorch and Explosive Toilet (Home Alone 2)

This was so funny, especially when he thought it was fine at first, then got worried. - Supergameplayer

2 Electric Sink (Home Alone 2)

It was hilarious when Marv turned into a Skeleton. - Supergameplayer

3 Staircase Pipe (Home Alone 2)

A 2-for-1 trap deal for Harry and Marv. - Supergameplayer

4 Red-Hot Doorknob (Home Alone)

Ouch - Not_A_Weeaboo

It branded an M into Harry's hand, which was still there in the 2nd movie. - Supergameplayer

Of Course it’s still there. It’s a Scar.

5 Staple Gun (Home Alone 2)

I LOL'd when it shot Marv in the nuts. - Supergameplayer

6 Blowtorch (Home Alone)


It was funny that Harry held the door and the blowtorch kept going for about 5 seconds, and he didn't panic until then. - Supergameplayer

7 Tar and Nail (Home Alone)

I like this trap because of how the tar takes marv boots and red socks off leaving incriminating evidence behind

The funny part of this trap was how the tar took off Marv's Shoes and Socks so the nail would go through his barefoot. - Supergameplayer

8 BB Gun (Home Alone)

This is why I never go near dog doors.
How bout you?

It always gets me when Kevin shoots Harry in the nuts with it. - Supergameplayer

€�Hello” *shoots*

9 Paint Cans (Home Alone and Home Alone 2)

Although it failed in Home Alone 2, it knocked out Harry's gold tooth in the first movie, causing him to make a silly threat to Kevin. - Supergameplayer

10 Bricks (Home Alone 2)

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11 Toy Cars (Home Alone)

It's so funny when Harry and Marv slip on those cars and then go flying ten feet in the air.

12 Rope Soaked in Kerosene (Home Alone 2)
13 Tool Chest (Home Alone 2)
14 Electric Yarn (Home Alone 3)

It was funny how the yarn made Mr. Unger crap a lightning bolt and set his pants on fire. - Supergameplayer

15 Nail (Home Alone)
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1. Blowtorch (Home Alone)
2. Staple Gun (Home Alone 2)
3. Electric Sink (Home Alone 2)
1. Blowtorch and Explosive Toilet (Home Alone 2)
2. Electric Sink (Home Alone 2)
3. Staircase Pipe (Home Alone 2)
1. Bricks (Home Alone 2)
2. Paint Cans (Home Alone and Home Alone 2)
3. Tar and Nail (Home Alone)


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